My Trip To One of The Most Beautiful Places on Earth!

A few weeks ago, Chris, myself and the kids took a little road trip to Sedona, Arizona, which is just shy of a two hour drive from our home. Upon moving to Arizona last year, we both were told that the town of Sedona is an absolute must-see city, as it is surrounded by natural beauty in the form of stunning red rocks and deep canyons, and is also known as a “healing and therapeutic desert town”. Chris and I both have been on spiritual journeys, where we want enrich our connection with God and the universe as a whole (hence, one of the reasons for us being vegans), and we want to just be the best version of ourselves. So of course hearing and then reading all about Sedona, Chris and I had always said that we would just randomly drive down there for a few days, and we finally did two weeks ago. It was an unforgettable experience, and we wish we had gone sooner!

We decided to go to head to Sedona in the middle of the week, so traffic on the way there was very minimal. Having lived in Arizona now for almost a year, I’m still in awe of the beauty in the mountains, the cacti, the boulders, the “rocks” that look so unique that you cannot stop looking, etc…Needless to say, the scenic drive for the road trip was absolutely beautiful!






Of course I had to take a snapchat selfie for the road trip! ;p

Once we made it to Sedona, we checked into our hotel and let the kids run around and stretch their legs a bit from the two hour car ride:




After we got checked in at our hotel, we got the kids changed, as we knew it would be cooler once the sun begun to set. We then headed to do some sight seeing and shopping before going to dinner later on that night:















As the sun began to set, we continued to explore, and be in absolute awe of the beauty that was surrounding us:










After taking in the sights of Sedona and going into a few shops, we then headed to eat dinner at the cutest Vegan/Vegetarian restaurant. You could instantly tell that the vibe of the entire restaurant (and super cute outdoor patio, which is where we sat), was zen-like and tranquil. When we pulled into our parking spot, these were the kinds of signs that greeted the guests:






The restaurant had gourmet vegan desserts and pastries, and I got several for the kids, and they were SO GOOD!



Now, as far as the food…let’s just say it wasn’t as good as the desserts! Luckily for me I always travel with my own condiments, so I added sriracha mayonnaise to my avocado sprout sandwich, and THAT took it to the next level!


The rest of the food was otherwise a bit bland, but the ambiance, service, and overall good vibes made up for it.

Vito enjoyed himself at dinner.

The next day, we woke up bright and early, and had a light breakfast at the hotel buffet. (Not many options for vegans, but we managed oatmeal and cereal!)

The temperature was a bit cooler that day, as rain was approaching, so we all donned hoodies for the day and prepared to go hiking! We chose to hike at Bell Rock Vortex, which is known to be a very spiritual place. states: “The power that emanates from these vortexes is said to produce some of the most remarkable energy on the planet and attracts many people with a commitment to grow spiritually and peacefully.”












The kids and I hiked for a good hour or so, and soon it began to lightly rain, so we headed back to our truck while Chris continued up the mountain. (He ended up going very close to the top–in the rain mind you–and said it was an incredible experience.)

After hiking, then sitting in the truck and watching the rain fall and hitting the red rocks all around us, I remember reflecting on every moment of the hike, the exploring of the town the day before, and just feeling so very grateful that I got a chance to experience such natural beauty. Chris and I often talk about how crazy our lives are, and how we have moved around the country so much throughout our relationship. Somehow, we ended up moving to Arizona almost a year ago. And I have to say, I am so happy that we did. The inspiration, gratitude, and just happiness that I feel being here is indescribable. I would so recommend that if given the chance, everyone should visit Sedona (or Arizona even!).

After the hike, it was time to switch shoes and prepare to check out and  prepare for our road trip back home:


I am so happy to have seen such natural beauty. It shows me just how small we really are in the grand scheme of things, compared to how vast the universe is. I’m truly thankful for where my journey has led me thus far, and I can only hope and pray that I continue to grow into the very best Raven that I can be! Have a fabulous week Fabbies!


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