An Ode To Summer in the Desert!

Hey Fabbies! As summer officially comes to an end (The first day of Fall is tomorrow,  September 22nd), I began thinking about how upon moving to Arizona back in December, I was warned by many people of the upcoming summer heat, and how it’s unbearable and miserable. People were talking to me about how hot Arizona is in the winter time.  I’m like “sheesh! Is it that bad that you’re warning me about the summer heat 6 months before it actually gets here?!” Well I’ll be the first to say it: My first summer in Arizona was amazing. Was it hot? YES! Was it unbearable? NO! Born and raised in Mississippi, I was used to hot and humid summers. I’m talking, stuffy, hot, gross, sticky humid summers. So a little dry heat in the desert did not bother me. (Or the kids for that matter.) Actually, this past summer has probably been one of my favorites to date! Even with temperatures some days of 118 degrees, I was always primed, ready, and dressed for the occasion! Of course I’m referring to swimsuits when I say I was always dressed for the occasion! Ha! I basically lived in a swimsuit for the entire summer while I was at home. We spent just about everyday at the pool whenever we were in town. We made plenty use of our outdoor space as well, eating many breakfasts and lunches on our backyard patio. So in honor of me surviving my first Arizona summer, I wanted to share a fashion recap of the many swimsuits, coverups, and accessories that took center stage while I was busy enjoying the Arizona desert heat.

Enjoy! 🙂








And just for fun, I’ve included a few pics of Chris and the kids:



I had an amazing summer in the desert! I’ve been incredibly inspired by just being outside here. It brings an incredible sense of peace and calm. My family came to visit, I hosted many of my girlfriends for that FABULOUS Girls Weekend back in August (which, by the way, the episode is getting edited as we speak and should be ready to watch very soon!), and I made memories that will last me a lifetime! Goodbye Summer!


Hello Fall! 🙂


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