That One Time My Sisters and I Had a Photoshoot

Happy Tuesday! As we wait for the episode of #Litinthedesert to finish getting cut and edited, I figured I’d share some (more) pictures that my two sisters and I took before the gang all arrived for Girls Weekend. I got the idea to do a mini photoshoot, because I know that getting my sisters and myself together in one place isn’t easy to come by all the time! The last time the three of us were together all at once was last year in April! So I wanted to take advantage by taking “sister pictures”. These pictures will just be something that we can all go back on years from now and enjoy. Right now we’re living “the good old days”, and I’m all about capturing moments as often as I can! ;p

For the photoshoot, my mom was the one who took our pictures. She got us in formation for most of our poses actually! Ha! My sisters Tamika and Diamond and I all wore the same one piece lace up black swimsuit that I got from Amazon. We took pictures pretty close to sunset, so the pictures turned out nice. I posted a few on my social media, but of course here you’ll get to see all of them! Enjoy! πŸ™‚






My sisters and I had so much fun doing this together. Of course prior to picture-taking we all had some glasses of wine, so we were feeling giggly and just happy! I have this idea that we should continue to do a “Sisters Photoshoot” every decade or so. I can’t wait to see what we would wear in say, 30 years or so! Probably not swimsuits though. Don’t want to shame our grandkids. ;p

Have a glorious week! xoxo

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