Camoflauge Vibes: Great Buy of The Week!

Hey Fabbies! We are a little shy of one week away from the Girls Weekend that I am hosting! Because the date is closing in, I’ve been doing something related to preparing for that almost everyday. Yesterday, I spent the day running errands for the household, as well picking up more champagne for the Girls Weekend! (One can never have enough bottles of champagne, no?)

For my day out of running errands, I decided to pull out some camouflage overalls that I got a few months ago from I love because they cater to tall women, having inseams in their jeans and pants of up to 37 inches!!  The camouflage overalls are great because they have a small amount of stretch to them, and get this: they were on a “super sale” for $5.00!! Yes. You read that right. They were five bucks. The price of fancy coffee from Starbucks. The price of a large bag of vegan shredded cheese. The price of a Happy Meal. (But please don’t feed your kids McDonald’s though! Lawd!)

I paired the overalls with a white bandeau crop top I’ve had for years, and white chain embellished sandals:

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I actually wore the overalls half down, because I was feeling the more edgy look yesterday. And of course they can be worn the traditional way as well. For an incredible steal of just five bucks, I’d say I’m winning! 🙂

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My name is Raven Douglas-Roberts, and I am creative genius. No really, just you wait. ;p I started this blog in May 2014 as an outlet to share pieces of my life, things I have learned from motherhood and life, and my expertise in all things fashion! I want to taste, feel and explore everything, and this blog is a creative outlet for me to do just that. I also am a designer, happily married to Chris, and have 2 amazing (isn't that what all moms call their kids? "Amazing"?) kids Zé (5) and Vito (4). I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I love sharing! xoxo -Raven

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