What To Wear To Brunch: Girls Weekend Edition!

In a few weeks, I will be hosting a Girls Weekend at my house. That weekend will be the first annual Girls Weekend, where my friends and I will get together for a weekend of fun, sisterhood, partying, and just having an amazing time reconnecting, since we all live all over the country now. My friends will be flying in from all over, and I cannot wait! There will be a house FULL of people: My two sisters, my mom, my nephew, Zé and Vito, ten of my closest friends, and my videographer. So if you do the math, that’s 18 people in one house. It’s going to be LITTTTTTT!!! And you guys will get a chance to watch that weekend after the fact on one of my vlog episodes on YouTube! I will of course update you once the episode is edited!

Anyway, in light of the upcoming Girls Weekend, I will do What To Wear posts, surrounding similar events that we will attend while my girls are in town visiting for the weekend. One of the places that we plan to go to, is a funky restaurant that has a fabulous brunch with bottomless mimosas. So below, I’ve provided some super cute outfit ideas and inspiration if you plan on attending a brunch in the near future!













As you can see,  a lot of the looks above are a bit more dressy, which I think is almost a requirement for brunch! To me, brunch gives you an excuse to dress up and be as girly as possible. Yes you’re going to eat and have drinks, but darling, do so making a statement! And as you can see, this can be done wearing pants or a dress, flats or heels. It doesn’t matter, as long as you own what you’re wearing, and have fun doing it! I have an idea on what I’m going to wear when my girls and I go to brunch, but just know it will be very similar to the looks I’ve posted today. Okay now I want a mimosa.

Have a glorious week Fabbies! xoxo

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