I Took My Braids Out!

Happy Friday Fabbies! After having my pink, individual braids for two and a half months, I decided it was time to take them out! (You can watch me getting my hair done on my YouTube vlog here). As the temperatures continue to rise here in Arizona, the braids were just too much hair for that heat! Last week the temperatures reached 118 degrees! We take the kids outside almost every single day to play in the pool if we’re at home, and I usually swim with the kids too. So all of the (luxurious lol) braids were just a bit too much. I am so proud of myself though, because that’s the long est I’ve kept braids (or any hairstyle for that matter) in my hair in a loooong time!

I started taking my braids down on Monday, and did not finish until Thursday! It took my hairstylist, Kyron, about two days to put the braids in, so I knew taking them down would be another task. (By the way, Kyron also is the one who does Chris’s locs, and basically does the whole family’s hair whenever we get braids or twists. She is based in LA, but travels as well. Her instagram page is Honeycombncoil. She has magic hands! Look her up!)  So each day this week I tackled taking down several braids, and whenever I had to leave the house, I would just wear a hat of some sort. At this point in the picture below, I was halfway done:

Those darn snapchat filters.

But alas, the braids are officially out as of yesterday!

I have to say, having the pink braids is definitely one of my favorite hairstyles I’ve worn over the years. Below I’ve shared some of my favorite looks from over the last two and a half months:


I really did have fun with that hair! But after shampooing, deep conditioning, and then blow drying my hair after I took the braids out, I was happy to welcome my own hair back as well. I completely forgot that I had bleached my hair before applying the pink dye to my hair almost 3 months ago, so that pink color had long faded. And what’s left is blonde hair! Lots of dead hair shed as I detangled my hair in the shower, which is common after having braids for several weeks. After I deep conditioned my hair, I then applied coconut oil to my wet hair and put it in a little bun for the rest of the day, just to give my hair extra moisture. Lol! Then finally at night, I blow dried my hair to really detangle the curls out. So for now, I’m just gonna rock a little afro and keep it moving. 😉


Have a great weekend Fabbies! xoxo

3 thoughts on “I Took My Braids Out!

  1. This was one of my favorite hairstyles on you as well! I love pink and you were born to wear this alternative color. I also know the feeling when you get your real natural hair back and it’s like *yasssss* 😄 I don’t know what to do with my hair because I had long Senegalese twist for 5 weeks and that was enough of that lol and my straightened hair quickly turns into a wavy Afro in this heat so … we will see I guess. Also I think when I get hair extension in any form, the hair exacerbates a mini face breakout on the sides of my cheeks, so I have to get that under control. Well, enjoy your natural hair again and your Afro looks great on you 😎 happy hair ventures 👍🏽


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