Lust-Worthy Flat Sandals

Hey Fabbies! So we’re officially in the full swing of summer. That means shorts, sundresses, sunglasses, and fabulous sandals. One of my favorite shoe designers, Aminah Abdul Jillil is known for her bow pumps and spectacular shoes, and she has some sandals that I’ve been lusting over recently. She has a line of bow sandals that have been out for years, but recently, she’s introduced some new colors that I am dying over!

My obsession with bows is very real. My daughter doesn’t leave the house without one on her head. Ever. She knows it. Vito knows it. Chris knows it. We all know, that bows are an absolute necessity for her, because otherwise she might as well be naked without one! So upon discovering Aminah Abdul Jillil a couple of years ago, I instantly fell in love with her shoe designs, because her signature was the bow pumps. Her design has since been copied by so many other designers and companies alike. A few birthdays ago, Chris gifted me with several pairs of her shoes. (You can read about that birthday  here).  She also has a line of flat bow sandals that I LOVE, and must in time for summer, she’s put out two new colors: aqua blue and pink!







At $190.50, the price is a little steep, but I seriously want all the colors! The pink sandals are EVERYTHING!

Here are the rest of the colors:







What I love about this shoe designer also, is that she is a woman of color, like me! You can read more about her background and when I got my first pair of shoes from her here. And of course, the fact that she designs bow-adorned shoes, is icing on the cake. To view her entire collection and buy your own pair of fab shoes, visit her site at

Have a fab and ravenous weekend! xoxo

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