Outfit Details for May 2016

Hey Fabbies! I cannot believe it’s already June. This year is definitely flying by right?! June also means that the Los Angeles Vegan Fest is just 2 short weeks away, and ya’ll know how excited I am for that!! Anyway, as I was gathering my pictures of my outfits for the month of May, I realized that I didn’t really wear many outfits for the month outside of my usual workout gear.

What I wore most days if I didn’t have on workout clothes, were swimsuits. The temperature is definitely starting to rise here in Arizona, and fortunately for us, we have swimming pool, so we literally go outside to the pool every single day, at the extreme urging of our kids lol. So because I’m a picture loving gal, I do have pictures (some where Chris was the photographer), of me wearing different swimsuits throughout the month. The details will all be listed below:

For Mother’s Day weekend, I traveled to Jackson, MS to see my family, and wore of course a onesie (that’s the only way to travel people!) and my favorite camouflage hat: (you can see how my trip went from latest YouTube vlog episode here).

Black one piece jumpsuit: Fashionnova.com, Nike sneaker/sandals, Victoria Secret hoody tied around my waist, and came hat from gojane.com


As I mentioned, we as a family spend many mornings and afternoons outside at the pool. So for this reason, I obviously wear swimsuits! (Let’s not mention that just the other day, the temperature climbed to 115 degrees. I probably should just ditch regular clothes and wear swimsuits everywhere I go all summer just to stay cool! Sheesh! 276668E4-C21C-4051-8FFE-4DFD16483DEF

Turquoise monokini: http://www.makemechic.com




For an outing out to dinner during mid May, I opted to go for a 1970’s look, complete with bell bottom pants, a headpiece, and of course the waist length braids:


Pants: boohoo.com, headpiece: F21, mock turtleneck: Charlotte Russe (years ago)


During another poolside day, I wore my favorite kimono coverup that I got from a Sip and Shop event I went to two summers ago. (You can read about how fun that event was here).

Kimono: Pink Pumps Boutique, turban: F21, Sunglasses: boohoo.com (I had on a blue and white bikini underneath that I got from http://www.karmaloop.com)


The kids and I had a birthday party to attend one Saturday afternoon, and for that I wore some grey cut offs, a hat, my favorite sneaker sandals, and a baseball tee:

Hat: boohoo.com, baseball tee: H&M, shorts: gojane.com, shoes: Nike


On another random day in May, this was poolside as well. I was feeling all tanned and bronzed, so I wore my nude bikini and a super fun headband:



Headband: F21, bikini: boohoo.com, sunglasses: Louis Vuitton


And finally, at the end of the month, on yet another bikini day, (lol), I wore a black bikini and had a full on photoshoot with Chris behind the camera:





bikini from http://www.urbanog.com


Aside from lounging in bikinis most days, I’ve been busy doing other things too lol. Hopefully by the end of this week, I’ll be able to share exactly what that is!! (I have a meeting tomorrow morning regarding this, so we shall see!) I hope everyone has a fab and ravenous week! Stay cool in this heat!



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