I Re-Designed My Website! You like?

Hey Fabbies! So over the last several weeks I have been in the process of re-designing my blog. I just surpassed the two year mark, and I was sooooo ready for a new look! (I mean, as much as I change my hair, you would think I would have re-designed my website by now right?!) Anyway, in redesigning the site, I also contacted a graphic designer, and had him make a cartoon version of myself! And OH. MY. GOD! I love the result! The graphic designer NAILED IT! His name is Jamaal Hicks, and he was super patient with all of my requests, (I was very specific in every single detail of my avatar, down to the fact that she had to have hoop earrings, and the hair had to be right! And of course, me holding a glass of wine in my hand is the equivalent of a baby holding a bottle, so she DEFINITELY needed to posing with her drink!)

As you all know, I also started vlogging a few months back, and wanted to keep the Fab and Ravenous brand consistent between the blog and the vlog alike.  And honey, this is just the beginning! I’m super excited and proud of the new look, and have so many more great things in store! So please, stay tuned! 🙂

Are ya’ll loving the new look of the blog? Let me know what you think!









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