My New Vlog (Video Blog) Drops A Week From Today!

Happy Sunday Fabbies! I’m so excited, because a week from today, (which happens to be Valentine’s Day), I’ll be posting my first episode of my vlog, “The Fab and Ravenous Life”! In these vlog episodes, you will get a chance to take a peek into my life, and what I do on a day-to-day basis as a mom, wife, foodie, and lover of life in general lol. These vlogs of mine will be posted every Sunday, beginning next Sunday. Basically, these “episodes” will just be an extension of this blog, but in video form. Β I decided to do a vlog because I figured it would be fun, and would allow my readers an even more in-depth look at my Fab and Ravenous Life! I’m sure it will be quite the journey, but I hope you guys enjoy the ride with me!



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My name is Raven Douglas-Roberts, and I am creative genius. No really, just you wait. ;p I started this blog in May 2014 as an outlet to share pieces of my life, things I have learned from motherhood and life, and my expertise in all things fashion! I want to taste, feel and explore everything, and this blog is a creative outlet for me to do just that. I also am a designer, happily married to Chris, and have 2 amazing (isn't that what all moms call their kids? "Amazing"?) kids ZΓ© (5) and Vito (4). I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I love sharing! xoxo -Raven

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