New Year, New Plans!

Happy (Belated) New Year Fabbies! It’s been a while since I’ve last posted, and that was back in December, so I didn’t get a chance to wish everyone a Happy New Year. My New Year started off with sending the kids to preschool for the first time ever, and that was so hard for me! They were both eager and ready, I just was nervous, excited, and sad all at the same time that they are growing up. At almost a month in, they both love their school and their teachers, and I couldn’t be happier! Right now they just go for half-days, which I think is perfect for their ages, especially Vito, who is not quite 3 yet. Eventually I’ll ease them into full days.

Below are a few pics from their first day of school: (P.S., my parents took pictures of my sisters and I for the first day of school from like kindergarden all the way until high school. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna do this to my kids lol!)





Anyway, so the kids are in school during the early and late morning, which leaves me with a little extra free time three days a week. Whoop Whoop! What to do what to doooooooo?! Well, there’s a lot to do! I have such big plans for this year. I’ve never really been a “Make a New Year’s Resolution” type of gal, but this year I decided to really commit myself to certain things. For one, I plan to read more! Once upon a time, I was an avid reader. My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Rycyzyn (pronounced Ri-cis-zin. She was my all time favorite teacher in life!), had something called “Silent Sustained Reading”, where for 30 minutes each day, the students had to pick out a book from her little classroom library to read. I remember thinking to myself, “We’re supposed to just pick out a book to read for…fun?!?” So the first day she told us about “Silent Sustained Reading”, I waited my turn to pick out a book, and randomly chose a book called “Reluctantly Alice.” I chose the book only because it had a girl on the cover, and I was curious because I had no idea what the word “reluctantly” even meant. So I cracked open the book, and was instantly hooked. That was fourth grade, and I have loved reading every since.

Even though I love to read, the older I get, the harder it is to fit reading into my already hectic schedule. Well, in actuality, it isn’t that hard at all. My kids both sleep through the night, I just have been choosing to do other things (like watch TV), instead of read sometimes. So this year, I’ve declared that I will read at LEAST one book a month. And while I love my fiction, I especially am going to read books that well help me grow as an individual. I want to learn new things. I want to improve overall as a person. I want expand my mind! So for this month, the book that I choose to start my journey was Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. I just finished it a few nights ago, and it was such a funny, inspirational, and empowering read! (Shonda Rhimes is the creator of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and so many other television shows.) The woman is brilliant, funny, authentic, and offers so many gems of advice throughout the book. I SO recommend that every woman reads this. After reading her book you will definitely feel like you can conquer the world. I mean, that’s kinda what she is doing already!

So more reading, less television watching. Also, this is the year I plan to get at least one of my businesses up and running! (Yes, that was plural. I told you I had many plans lol!). I’ve been diligently working on them, and trust me, once everything is everything, I will keep you guys updated on when all of that happens!

Also, I’ve decided that I want to start a Fab And Ravenous vlog. A vlog is basically a blog in video form. (Head over to YouTube and see that there are thousands of people who vlog). I know sometime last year I posted a few videos on my blog, but never really went further than that.  This year, however, I’m going to commit myself to having an ongoing YouTube vlog, where my followers will take a peek into my life on a more consistent, personal basis. I plan to make these WEEKLY, where you will get a chance to see what I do on a regular basis regarding motherhood, working out, being vegan, my travels, etc. I mean, in the last four years I’ve moved like 10 ten times. Could you imagine if I had footage of my life during those four years?! Including two back-to-back pregnancies?! I mean, why hadn’t I done this sooner?! Lol! So anyway, I plan to start that sometime in February! Of course I’ll keep you guys posted on when I upload my first “episode”.

So here’s to a Fab and Ravenous 2016, where we will read more, learn more, and just go out and be great! And it’s always helpful to do these things with a bottle of wine or champagne nearby. ;p


This was pic was taken in my office. I made those shoes myself. hehe)

8 replies to “New Year, New Plans!

  1. Will definitely be looking forward to reading that book and I've started my own blog, haven't gone public with it yet cause I'm tweaking it and working on making it special & my own!!!! Cheers to mommyhood and fabulousness in 2016!!!!!


  2. Happy New Year!! I love your Blog! Can't wait for the Blog!!! I love reading/hearing about your journeys!!! BTW..LOVE the shoes! Xoxoxo


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