My Week In Onesies!

Happy Holidays Fabbies! If you celebrate Christmas I hope you had a merry one! The month of December was by far the busiest month of the year for me. We packed up our house in LA, moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, then Zé turned 4 December 12th, then I registered her and Vito for preschool (omg omg omg omg omg; they start January 4th!), unpacked and organized everything in the new house, Christmas shopped for family and friends, oh, and in between all that, I had to cook and clean and ya know, be a mom and wife lol! So needless to say, the month has been jam packed! Because of this, I decided that beginning last Friday, I was going to stay in the house all week leading up to Christmas, and just relax in onesies. Yep, adult onesies. Which is my absolute FAVORITE article of clothing to wear. Ever!

Surprisingly, it’s pretty cold here in Arizona. Even though this is considered the desert, it very much does feel like winter. And winter is totally perfect onesie wearing weather. I mean, there is nothing like the comfort that a onesie provides! It’s like you’re wearing a cloud! So anyway, below, I’ve shown you my week in onesies, including some days, where I even changed from one onesie (for daytime wear) into my pajama onesie. I also include details on where I got each one from in the captions. Oh, there’s also random selfies  (of course), and fun moments from the week. Enjoy!

Day 1:

This is actually a men’s onesie, that I got online from on sale last year. The crotch drops soooo low, so that’s definitely the biggest difference between a women’s onesie for sure. We don’t need all that crotch space! Lord! But it’s still comfy nonetheless. haha


Ahhh so comfy

Day 2:

This fitted onesie is from, and I actually got this one 2 years ago. The material is thin and stretchy, so it could be worn in the summertime as well. As a matter of fact, I have flown on an airplane in this onesie a time or two.


Day 3:

I got his leopard onesie from Target last year in October. I actually bought  4 of these onesies at once for my sister and friends, and we had a full out onesie pajama party right before I moved to LA last year! Good times for sure. Anyway, here I’m drinking my new obsession: Caramel Vanilla chai tea. I was outside while they kids were playing in our cul-de-sac.




A girl and her boots…

Day 4:

This is a camouflage onesie, that I totally wear out of the house. And this day, I had to actually leave the house to pick Chris up from the airport. I got this one from Oh, and I dyed my hair the night before lol. Hello turquoise hair!



Twinning with Vito!

Day 4: (Nightime, changed clothes)



That night after I showered, I changed into this pajama style onesie from that I got from Target this year. Very soft. Very comfy.



Cocktail hour in full effect






Day 5:

I wore this all white onesie on Day 5. I actually wore this onesie on my way to Costa Rica a few months back on the airplane. So comfy! I got it from I was in the kitchen making dinner, which was pancakes! Ha!



Random selfie…hey kiddies playing in the background!





As Chris kept snapping pictures I started cutting up! hahahaha!


I may have had a cocktail while I was cooking lol

Day 6:

Christmas Eve eve. Officially in the Christmas spirit! I got this onesie from Target last December. Its nice and warm.




Enjoying the great outdoors!

Day 7:

Officially Christmas Eve! At this point I was done wrapping gifts days ago, so I just spent the day cooking, playing with the kiddies, and relaxing. Oh, and this onesie is from Target this year as well.


Moms are always used as a pillow lol



So there you have it! My week in onesies was a blast! The crazy part is, I have even more that I didn’t wear this week! My collection is insane, and the addiction is real. I mean, who doesn’t want to be comfortable?! Which onesie was your favorite?

Onesies aren’t just limited to babies and toddlers people. So grab one and get cozy! 😉

3 replies to “My Week In Onesies!

  1. Girl, I Love your onesies!!! My favorite are the leopard print and the white one! They are all cute! I'm still searching for one, LOL… Thanks for sharing your pics Love!!


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