We Moved To A New State! (Because, Why Not?)

Happy Friday Fabbies! So in another episode of my crazy life, I have moved to Arizona. It literally came out of the blue. Chris and I were looking at houses (don’t get me started on how I’m obsessed I am with everything related to houses. I LIVE for the those HGTV shows! House Hunters, anyone?), and Chris pulled up a map. We looked at different cities all over the United States. Just casually looking really. I was sipping my wine, and browsing the web. He said, “let’s look at houses in Arizona.” So we did. And then we saw the most insane house ever. And we loved it. And we wanted to move there. Pronto. So we did.

It really happened so fast. We contacted the realtor to double check that it was still on the market, and boom! Here we are! Lol! I’m pretty sure our families and friends were like, “umm what?” But you know, you only live once. Why not just move to Arizona because we fell in love with a bomb ass crib? Home is wherever you lay your head at night. And for us, Scottsdale, Arizona is now our home! As everyone knows, moving keeps you busy. So for the last few days, I’ve been busy organizing, sorting, and getting everything settled in the new house. Up until us getting here though, we had the most amazing road trip. Scottsdale from LA is about a 6 and a half hour drive, and a pretty easy one at that. (But who am I to talk? Chris drove the whole way lol!) We moved out of our home in Marina del Rey (good bye beach!), stayed in a hotel that night, and woke up the next day to drive over to Scottsdale  (hello desert!)
Other than running into a little traffic due to construction, the trip was smooth. The kids had their iPads, so they played games, watched their shows, snacked, and slept. Chris and I listened to good music on his iPod (everything from Future, to The Weekend, to Migos and T.I.), and just had the best bonding moments overall. Of course I snapped pictures along the way, and wanted to share them with you guys below!

Thank goodness for packers! Boxes from my closet.
The morning of the move, Chris set the boxes up in an “obstacle course” for the kids to play on. I think Chris enjoyed watching them lol!


Then the movers came a few hours later, and the official move out began.

Moving day! Attire: Turban,  DCTG tee, and nike running tights.
What was I looking at? loll

After a full day of loading the movers loading up the moving truck, we checked into a hotel for the rest of the evening, as we would drive over to Arizona sometime the next morning. The kids are always excited when we go to new places. Like their parents, they love new adventures hehe.

After their bath, in their pjs and ready for bed.


Rise and Shine! It’s road trip day!
For our road trip, I wore my green DCTG tee, leopard leggings, and my sparkly Uggs.


Obligatory selife before leaving our hotel room lol
Whereever there’s a mirror. Lol
Hey kiddies!


Oh heyyy baby daddy! (Did you notice our shirts match? lol)




We stopped a few times for bathroom breaks and to re-up snacks lol. The below pictures are at our last gas station stop. It was such fun road trip. The kids had just as much fun as we did I think.






And now we’re here! Unpacking and getting settled, and loving our new digs. Scottsdale, Arizona is home…for now. 😉





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