What Are You Grateful For?

In the last few weeks especially, I’ve been greatly affected by bad news that I’ve heard from friends, family, online strangers, and everybody else in between. Some of the news I’ve heard have been, reading about 4 kids whose parents (both mom and dad) left to go to the store on Halloween to get more face paint and candy, only to tragically die in a car wreck. Their kids were just at home waiting on them to return home…Then, finding out an old friend who just turned 30 found out she has breast cancer. Friends dealing with breakups and heartache, friends dealing with mental illness, friends having debt up to their eyeballs, people losing their jobs…LIFE can be hard y’all!

In these moments I pray for all of these people. And in times of hardship, even other people’s hardship, it makes you think about your own life. And in my life, while everything isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, I still try to focus on the good in my life. I try to begin each day with a grateful heart, because you just never know when shit can hit the fan, or worse, you die tragically. I know that’s such a morbid thought, but it’s all of our reality. We all have expiration dates. So rather than getting caught up in the stuff that’s not going good in your life, why try to look at what’s good. All of my life, this has been my mentality. I think because I have such a positive spirit, it’s helped me greatly as I navigated through early adulthood and well into my twenties. I’m sure we all can recount our darkest days. We may have wanted to give up on life altogether. But it’s so, so much good out there, that we absolutely have to focus on that, ESPECIALLY in our darkest hours.

So for this post, amid horrible stories that hit close to home and beyond, I want to focus on what I’m grateful for:

  • I am healthy, and able to get walk around easily and am able-bodied to be there for my children. (I had an eye-opening experience with this yesterday. A few days ago, I accidentally knocked over a glass jar in the the kitchen. We were about to leave the house, so I hurriedly cleaned, swept, then vacuumed the chards of glass up, and left. Well, the next morning, as I was going to the kitchen to get the kids something to drink (I was still half-sleep. It was barely 7 am), the tiniest piece of glass you ever did see got caught in my big toe.) I spent the first half of the morning trying to get this glass out. However, I still had to get around. The kids had to eat breakfast, I still have to take Vito to the bathroom to make sure he wipes properly when he poops (moms I know y’all feel me on this one lol), and I just had to walk around!  Well, when glass is in your foot, it’s hard to walk! I was limping around all morning until I finally sat down and squeezed that pulled that sucker out. I was thinking “What if I never could walk for real?!” What a blessing just to be able to get out of my bed and walk up and down stairs easily everyday!” So for my health, I am beyond grateful.
  • I’m grateful that I have a husband who works extremely hard at his craft, and has been able to provide for our family doing so. He inspires me to work hard as well, because Lord knows I can be found somewhere making excuses! I’m also grateful for the mutual love and respect we have for each other. He’s an awesome father too. So I’m grateful for all of that!
  • I’m grateful that I have close relationships with my parents and sisters. I know every family does not always get along, (I mean, neither do we ALL the time!), but I’m happy that we have each other to lean on, and to be there for. We support each other, and we love each other unconditionally.
  • I’m grateful that I wake up each day with a hopeful, and grateful heart. In times of turmoil, or when the world shows you that it can be so much sadness and chaos everywhere, I’m still grateful to be alive, ready to embrace and conquer whatever life throws my way.
  • I’m grateful that I live in a city that caters to Veganisim. There’s so many restaurants and cafes that have Vegan menus. This may be a small thing, but when you want to go out to eat you wanna have options too! Lawd!
  • I’m grateful for my friendships, both old and new that I’ve established over the last decade. I’ve met some incredible women, who have been my ride or dies, my rocks, and who have supported me and vice versa. There’s nothing like having a friend that will ride for you no matter what!  (I wrote a post about the importance of girlfriends a few months back HERE.
I’m just beyond grateful for everything. I’m grateful for my family. The fact that my kids are healthy and happy. The ups and downs that come with being in an NBA family, and how you have to up and move and any given moment. (Which is our life right now). I’m grateful for all of this. This allows me to embrace travel and experience new things. I’ve established great friendships from so much movement. I’m grateful that my faith is unwavering. I’m grateful for life. 🙂 What are you grateful for?
Enjoying the beauty that is the ocean, at night.

4 thoughts on “What Are You Grateful For?

  1. Behold! The ocean rises. (LOL #privatejoke) I am grateful for you, Tamika and Diamond. Each of you bring a different clarity to my life. My family and good health. I am grateful for this very moment in time which is all that we have.


  2. Amen!!! I've learned to take one day at a time.. You just never know what can happen…… This post is amazing!!!! Thank you for posting this XOXO


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