Great Buy Of The Week!

I typically take the kids to the mall once a week to ride the “choo choo train”as they call it. It’s a train that goes in a small circle an upteenth amount of times that Zé and Vito absolutely love riding. They look forward to these weekly outings, and I look forward to being in a near-empty mall with two small toddlers. Tire them out so they can nap very well!

Below you’ll see my sister Tamika on it with her son Cisco, and Zé and Vito.


Cisco didn’t want to ride by himself, so Tamika rode with him. I had to the do the same thing with Vito last year, because he was scared sh*tless every time he got on.

We go around midday, where the mall is nearly empty, and we can take our time and walk around. We go in a few stores, take a few zillion bathroom trips (one of the two always has to go at some point.) We also go by the Target that’s located in the mall, get a few things, eat lunch someplace, then leave and go home.
Well yesterday, we went into this trendy clothing store called French Kiss, because I was looking for large silver hoop earrings. Like, hula hoop-sized large. (Like I need another pair of hoop earrings to begin with.) Anyway, on my way to the earrings, I passed by a sunglasses stand and saw the CUTEST sunglasses ever. The are very retro, with circle mirrored frames. The best part about them? They were only five bucks. Five. Dollars. You cannot beat a deal like that!






I decided to have a bathroom photoshoot in our guest bathroom wearing these sunglasses lol! And I’m wearing one of my favorite t-shirt dresses that I lounge around the house in. I bought it like 8 years ago when I was living in Memphis from a store called HOLIDAYS. I think they have since closed their stores down, but I used to LOVE that store! And this dress has seen many zip codes, and has gotten tons of use:


Back in December 2011, I was 9 months pregnant with Zé, living in Italy!
Thankfully this dress has a lot of stretch hahaha
But I digress! This post was about the Great Buy of The Week! These awesome five dollar sunglasses! So fab and ravenous!

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