Wedding in Costa Rica Recap Part 2! (TONS of wedding pictures in this post!)

The Wedding Day!

So by the time our wedding day had arrived, we had already been filled with lots of good food, dancing, drinking, sunbathing, and an overall feeling of happiness. The weather had been perfectly sunny every single day, and great memories were already being made. So the day of the wedding, I had breakfast at the buffet. I ate pancakes AND french toast. I knew I probably wouldn’t have a lot of time to eat before the ceremony, which started at 3 pm, so you better believe I had a big breakfast! Lol! After breakfast I headed down to the salon on the resort to get my hair and makeup done. This was my first time getting my makeup professionally done. I’m pretty low maintenance when comes to makeup in general. I usually wear eyeliner and lipstick, and mascara when I’m going out for drinks or dinner. So when the lady began to apply bronzer and foundation and everything in between, I was like “oh my!” But it came out beautifully, and the makeup looked very natural, which I loved! (And I know that Chris could appreciate that too. He is not a fan of makeup in general. And I mean, makeup on your face, makeup in their original packaging, makeup brushes lying around, lipstick tubes, nothing! If I have an eyeliner pencil laying just near his sink, he’ll say, “Raven, your makeup stick is near my sink, could you come move it?” He doesn’t even want to touch it! Lol! )

Anyway, after getting my makeup done, I walked outside to head back to my room, it began to rain. I’m talking, dark clouds, thunderstorms, and pouring down rain! My heart sank. It didn’t rain not one single day while we there, but it decided to rain on my wedding day! I headed to my sister’s room, where I would be getting ready, and just really hoped for the best. We had a backup plan to have the ceremony in a reception hall, but I was realllyyyy hoping it would be on the beach. The wedding coordinator told me that we would see how the weather was closest to 3pm, which was the time the ceremony started.
So my girls returned to their rooms, and my sister, my mom and Zé began getting ready, (with the photographer there to capture all of those moments), and by the time we were done getting glammed up, the rain had stopped!! I’m talking, possibly 5 minutes before 3pm. Ain’t God good?!!

Right after the ceremony, it began to pour down raining. I was totally fine with that, and even took some of my photos in the rain. 🙂


My wedding shoes were by Betsey Johnson. These shoes are part of her “Blue” collection. They were encrusted with swarovski all over them, and had baby blue soles.  Oh! And they and had bows on each side. LOVE!
My ceremony dress was a Winnie Couture gown that was also adorned by swarovski crystals on the bodice, straps, and neckline.


Getting my makeup done

Tamika touching up my makeup while Zé gives the photographer a curious look


Champagne never. stopped. flowing!!
The photographer decided he wanted to show my tattoo behind my ear. I had no idea he took this pic, but I think it’s dope. 🙂
The robes my sister, Zé, and I were wearing came from
Zé’s flower girl dress was designed by a lady who lived in China. I found her on  I sent her Zé’s measurements, and the dress was sent to our doorstep in about 3 weeks. Her little flower sandals were from




Another sweet moment: After I put my dress on, Zé said: “Mommy we’re both princesses! Let’s spin around!” And this moment was when she put her arms up so that we could spin around so that our dresses could twirl. Like princesses. 🙂
 Vito and Chris got dressed together in back in our hotel room, so I didn’t get to see Vito unit right before the ceremony. He and Chris, however, had several private moments together on the beach right before the start of the ceremony:
Chris obviously went nontraditional for the ceremony. And if you know Chris, you know that he’s a nontraditional type of guy lol. His jacket was by Barena Venezia, and his shorts were a navy casual pair he’s had for years. He also was in charge of Vito’s outfit, which was Ralph Lauren. They both wore Converse low-top chucks.


And so the ceremony began. Rain free! Sidenote: I have to give a HUGE shoutout to my friends and sister: Ayana, Channing, Jordie, and Tamika. You guys made sure I was calm and at ease. You ordered food for the room to make sure I ate, you touched up my hair and makeup, you made sure Vito and Zé had everything they needed, and you reassured me that even though it had rained, everything would be okay. I’m so grateful that you guys were with me every step of the way! I love you girls!
As we walked from our hotel down to the beach, a lot of the people at the resort cheered for us as we made our way down. Such a special moment captured!

Mom and Dad. Looking on as I was going from Ms., to Mrs.
Daddy, Mommy, and sissy
Zé talking to her Nana at the ceremony.
Sister sister
Chris with his mom and dad

After the ceremony was over and we finished up taking pictures (with some being in the rain!), and I then went back to my sister’s room and changed into my dinner/reception dress. I actually designed this dress myself. I knew that I wanted a short dress, lace, and I wanted feathers! What led me to design the dress, was that I could not really find anything that I envisioned in stores or online. And I was running out of time.  I found a different lady (not the same one who made Zé’s dress) on as well, and we went back and forth over email as to what I wanted exactly, with sketches and specific descriptions. I sent her my measurements, and (impatiently) waited for the dress to arrive. It was coming from China as well, so I knew that it would take well over a month. Do you know that my dress did not arrive until the DAY we left for Costa Rica?! This meant that, if the dress didn’t fit, I did not have time to get any alterations done!!! Talk about drama!

So I ran to my room and hurriedly tried the dress on while Chris was downstairs playing with the kids. Luckily we had a midnight flight, so I had time to try the dress on thankfully. And what do you know! It fit like a glove! 🙂
For our dinner, we had Japanese cuisine. Sushi, seafood, and everything in between. For the reception, although the ceremony was small, we still had an open bar and a DJ. Because, what’s a wedding with drinks and dancing?!
Dance floor shenanigans

My bouquet and the cake. We only had about 12 guests, so this petite cake was plenty!
How cool are these shots?
 “Magical” is how I would describe our wedding day. Even with the drama of the rain, it was absolutely a fantastic day. Next to my kids being born, it was one of the best days of my life. Hope you enjoyed my photo overload! lol!
Have a great week!

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  1. So happy for all of you!!! Everyone looked great!!! Definitely looks like your wedding day was straight out of a fairytale xoxox


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