Wedding In Costa Rica Recap!!! Part 1

 Hey Fabbies! It’s been almost 2 months now since our wedding, and since I’ve last posted, a lot has happened! First let me say, my blogging has been sporadic because I recently spilled wine on my laptop keyboard, (imagine that haha), so I had to get that fixed. Also, I was in the process of re-designing my website, and that is a major undertaking, so the posts slowed down because of that as well.
Anyway, I just wanted to briefly post about my FABULOUS trip to Costa Rica, and share a few details about the actual wedding. If you follow me on social media, you know that I’ve already shared tons of pictures from the wedding and from the trip overall, but I still have lots of never before seen pictures, and it would be remiss of me if I did not share them with my fabbies! I will split the blog posts into two parts. The first part will be just photos of the actual vacay, and the second part will be wedding pictures, with details of my dress, shoes, etc.
For our wedding, Chris and I decided to have a destination wedding, where the ceremony would be small and intimate. That way our families could get to know each other on a more intimate, personal level, all whilst enjoying a vacay! While planning a destination wedding is generally (supposed) to be less stressful than planning a wedding Stateside, it became a bit stressful right before the trip, because a few of our family members (including my sister, Diamond), did not get their passports processed in time. Oh man. Talk about being an emotional wreck before I even left for the airport. She was sorely missed. And if I keep talking about it, I’m gonna start crying right now! But alas, the show did go on, and while she and other family members couldn’t make it whom we love dearly, we vowed to have a great time despite the disappointment.

For our wedding week, we chose to stay at the Riu Palace All-Inclusive Resort in Guancaste, Costa Rica. Everything from the staff, to the grounds, the food, to the room accommodations was nothing short of excellent! I would highly recommend this resort if you are looking to head down to Costa Rica. Everyone is extremely nice and super friendly!
So below I will share lots of photos of my trip! We spent a lot of time sunbathing at the pool and/or the beach, eating as much as we could, drinking as much as we could stomach, dancing at the discotheque, and enjoying our friends and families! Truly a trip of a lifetime!


Airport flow. We took a red eye so the kids could sleep. We had to fly from LA to Atlanta first, and then down to Costa Rica.
Cleared customs, now its time to head to the resort!


lol random airport pic
Helloooooo Costa Rica!

We got to the resort a day before the rest of our families and friends did. We checked in, ate, then napped off the jet lag. The next morning, I took the kids down eat lunch, with the pool followed by that, and a professional photographer (not my wedding photographer), offered to take pictures of me and the kids. Here they are below!

 I love how they turned out! The rest of our families and friends arrived later that same day, and we commenced to having a ball!
Ocean vibes..evening before wedding
Retro vibes. Bikini from
Sunglasses from
Lounging poolside with the girls
Exploring the resort our first night there.


Lunch at our favorite buffet.
Tipsy or nah?
Shirts the girls got made for the trip! It said “Raven’s Entourage” on the front
Chris took all of these photos of me on the rocks
Headed to the airport!
The crew’s last day at the resort
Toasting to new friends we met on the resort!
Felt magical this day

Gigi and Vito chopping it up over dinner


Get it Jordie!
The group’s last night in paradise
Chris and Vito at sunset
Tamika and Channing on the dance floor! hahaha


Tea time at breakfast lol
At the discotecque at the resort! ha!
Such a fun day at the beach!


Channing and I poolside!
My mom and sister’s first night in Costa Rica on the beach


Chris and his dad
Tamika was feeing very good on the beach!
The Family!

I truly made memories that are going to last a lifetime. I’m so glad we chose to have our wedding in Costa Rica. It was beautiful, relaxing, and just an all around great time. 🙂

6 replies to “Wedding In Costa Rica Recap!!! Part 1

  1. OMG! I miss it and all of you! I had an amazing time! You have so many pics I've never seen! We need to find an online app to share all our photos after vacay! Love you and miss you! This was a magically blessed experience of love :* Chan


  2. Absolutely amazing!! You have such a beautiful family. Chris does too!!! You all had smiles from ear to ear! Love it! Thank you for sharing your photos XOXO


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