What A Nice Surprise!

This past weekend, Chris made a surprise appearance to LA! He had me keep the kids awake past their bedtime, thinking we were about to FaceTime, but instead, he popped in the living room and surprised us! I was beyond happy, because I didn’t think that I would see him again until we moved to New Orleans in a few weeks! Talk about being ecstatic!  I was beyond happy to have him home, and I was truly surprised. In this lifestyle where your spouse has to travel often, any time spent together is always welcomed and much needed!

Straight from the airport to our living room! Chris was tired, but he was happy and so were the kids! (And so was I!)


While he was here, we maximized our weekend and time spent together to the fullest. We took the kids to the beach that next day. (Which is a favorite pastime for both them and me!) While they ran around and made sandcastles, mama was drinking champagne! I was celebrating hubby being home! Haha!


Selfie in Zé’s bathroom before we left of course lol





The next day, we went to Santa Monica, and had lunch outside. Santa Monica has been one of our favorite places to go since we’ve lived in LA. It’s just so muc to do, and the restaurants are the bomb! We ate at ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen, which has vegan options on their menu. I got a tofu dish with spicy peanut sauce and veggies, served over noodles. It was so so good!!! I’m gonna try to recreate the dish at home very soon.

 For this occasion, I wore a white tank that said “husband beater”. (Get it? Instead of the plain white tank that’s commonly called wife beater, I had on a “husband beater” hahaha), red flannel tied at my waist, and dark denim skinny jeans. Oh, and of course one of my beloved headpieces.

Tank: Hot Topic, Flannel: I don’t remember! It’s like 10 years old!, skinnies: Forever 21
Fringe Sandals: urbanog.com



The last night he was here, we planned a date night to a lounge/restaurant/bar. His videographer for his webisode, “Don’t Cheat The Grind-The Series”, was on hand to capture moments of the kids before we left out on our date, and he was with us while we were on the actual date. (shoutout to Flashy! Instagram name: Flashytvb)

The kids were jumping off the couch and trying to catch balloons that Chris had brought home for them. (I’m sure these pics will give the grandmothers a heart attack. lol)







For date night, we decided to go to a restaurant/lounge/bar/club called Rush Street. It was such a cool spot! We didn’t eat the food because we got there pretty late, but the menu was huge. The 2nd floor had a more of a club vibe, and the DJ played very good music. We had a table outside, and just took in the scene and had a great time. 🙂

For our date night, I decided to wear a white, long sleeved lace top, high waisted, stone washed jeans, and my nude fringe sandals:
Below are a few photos of us on our date night:
I’m sure I was texting our babysitter right here lol














It was such a great weekend, and I am so happy Chris surprised us and came home. I can’t wait until we join him in New Orleans in a few weeks! But first things first: We have to find a place to live lol.
Have a great weekend! xoxo

2 replies to “What A Nice Surprise!

  1. Love the pictures!!!! Thank you for sharing!! The kids expressions!!! Looking forward to following Chris' new adventure!!! Xoxo


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