Black Hair!…and Black Lipstick??

Hey Fabs! After much consideration, I decided to dye my hair black! I felt like it would just be easier to go from magenta (hot pink) to black, as opposed to any other color. And whenever my hair is black, I always feel that it’s the healthiest and shiniest. So black it is! And this comes after almost exactly a year ago, when my hair was black last summer. So my hair was black for my bachelorette weekend, and it will black for my wedding!

The other day, I had to run into Walgreens briefly to get some washing powder. (Sidenote: I totally have to do laundry almost everyday. Between my man who works out every single day, a daughter who likes to change outfits all day (and manage to get lots of them dirty),  and frequent trips to the beach where we bring back sand in our clothes, my washing machine and dryer are always running! Lawd!) But anyway, before I went over to the washing detergent aisle, I strolled down the cosmetics aisle first because, what woman doesn’t love cosmetics! And I totally love seeing what new lip colors are out. At this point, I knew I’d be dying my hair black, so I started toying with the idea of wearing really dark lipstick too. I’m talking, deep dark purple/black, and Elvira black. I mean, why not? If I didn’t like it I just wouldn’t wear it again. So I looked for an inexpensive brand (helloooo Wet n Wild!) lol! Luckily, they had a few kind!

Left: Fergie for Wet nWild “Pagan Angel”
Right: Wet n Wild “Vamp it Up” (This one is more of a deep dark purple that appears almost black)

I ended up getting the black and almost black lipstick, both by Wet n Wild. After I dyed my hair, I then tried on the “Vamp it Up”, which is almost black. It was shocking when I first put it on, but then I was like, Oooooh I like it! So of course I took tons of selfies immediately after applying some:









I’m not sure why my hand is up in most of these pictures. I think the lipstick color made me do it. Anyway, I haven’t tried the actual black yet, but I will in the near future, and share pictures with you guys then too. I showed Chris and he just shook his head no. Lol! He’s not a big fan of lipstick in general, so I knew he would NOT be a fan. But eh, such is life. He’ll get over it. Hehehe

7 replies to “Black Hair!…and Black Lipstick??

  1. What Bonnie said…
    Not that you woüld know, but the dark purples, deep rubies and black lipsticks are a throwback to the 70s and 80s (first worn in the 40s I think…).
    Retro Fashionista


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