Kids And Milestones Are A Funny Thing

Happy Weekend! I mentioned a few weeks ago that Vito was now fully potty trained, and how I was so excited and proud that he picked it up so quickly. I had been dreaming of the day that I didn’t have to stop by the pull-ups/diapers aisle in Coscto to stock up each month anymore! And that day is here! It’s all underwear over here babyyyy!
However. With this huge new milestone achieved, now comes new situations.

“Yay! No more diapers!” has kind of become “Mommy I have to pee pee!” every 20 minutes. Yes, Vito has become quite familiar with the toilet, and has to go often. So while I’m so excited that I no longer have to change diapers or pull-ups, I am going to the bathroom often because either Zé or Vito have to go. I really notice this when I’m out and about with the kids. We could be vibing in the grocery store, checking out the new sauces (OMG y’all I’m obsessed with sauces and condiments), and I’d hear, “MOMMY!! I HAVE TO PEE PEE!” Oh yes, they let the entire grocery store know! So I hurriedly find my way to the bathroom and let the little ones relieve themselves. I sometimes think, man, with a diaper, they just pee and keep it moving! Lol!

I started to think about milestones with babies in general, and how as parents, we get so excited when our kids reach these huge events! Rolling over for the first time, crawling, pulling themselves up to stand, then walking, then their first words, then potty training, then riding a bike, etc…With all of these wonderful milestones though, come other adjustments! When your baby begins crawling for the first time, all of sudden everything that they see is up for grabs, and whatever that thing is, they want to put it in their mouths. Lol! So now, as a parent, you have to be vigilant about making sure that nothing harmful is on the ground or within eye level of your infant. When they begin walking, they want to walk everywhere and touch everything and again, continue to put things in their mouths! (Babies seem to teethe forever don’t they?) Or, they want to walk to bathroom and pull out toilet paper, or pull out pots and pans from your kitchen, or walk up the stairs, and the list goes on! So while milestones are such wonderful events, they also create a new level of anxiety for the parent!

I’m sure these milestones continue to cause mild anxiety for the parent as a child grows up. They learn to ride the bus to school alone, (or walk to school if the school is nearby), they learn to play sports (where injury can very well happen), they learn to drive cars! I cannot even imagine my kids driving a car at this point! How scary is that gonna be?!?!
Milestones are important. And wonderful. And scary all at the same time. When kids achieve these things, that means they are growing. Learning. Being molded to operate in civilization, independent of their parents. And if you are that parent that is waiting on a certain milestone for your kid, just relax and be patient. Because one day, they will very reach it, and it could very well turn your life upside down! Lol!
I love to watch as Zé and Vito reach milestones, and watch their little personalities continue to develop each and every day. If I think too deeply about it, it scares me! I mean, I literally remember every detail of giving birth to the 2 of them! Life definitely comes at you fast!
My mom always tells me that as a parent, you never stop worrying about your children. Even when they are adults, you hope that they are happy. That they have good morals. That they’re healthy. That they’re safe. Milestones really extend themselves well into adulthood I’ve heard. And I’m ready for the ride. I really am. I just know that I should really cherish each moment, whether it gives me anxiety or not, and hold on dearly to the wonderful memories that are being made each and every day.

Have a fab and ravenous weekend! 🙂







They grow up so fast.

4 replies to “Kids And Milestones Are A Funny Thing

  1. Amen love! It's amazing how different our children can be. All 3 of mine have such different personalities…. Thank you for sharing pics of the kids! Absolutely adorable.


  2. Points well made. As a grandparent now, those changes in the grandkids seem to happen even quicker than with my own kids. Savoring each moment for grandparents is critical but joyous too!


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