Weekly Summary (Including What I Wore!)

Happy Weekend! I’m one step closer to deciding the hair color I want for my upcoming wedding. Once I’ve made my mind up for good, I’ll be sure to update you guys with a post (including pictures of course), of the new color change. Anyway, this past week has been busy for me as usual. This included the typical errands (Target runs, grocery store, post office, art class with kids, and my dress fitting for my wedding gown!)

I kept it pretty casual all week long for the most part. In the earlier part of the week, I had to go to my one of my favorite stores (and probably the favorite store of most living breathing women), Target. I had to pick up household items and other stuff I don’t need. (Target tends to do that to you. And when my kids are with me, it’s worst sometimes.)
For my Target run, I kept it very casual with a white v-neck tee and skinny jeans, paired with my mint green sky high Nike dunks. I topped my outfit off with a white Nike baseball cap, because, well, I didn’t want to style my hair that day lol:

My favorite jeans from Express, shoes from Nike, and v-neck from Target


And of course Zé and Vito were letting me know what items they just absolutely needed:


This was at checkout. They had their hands full of playdoh (which I caved and got. It was a party pack of 15, so periodically I’ll let them play with one tub each at a time. Ya’ll don’t understand how much playdoh annoys me! But one tiny tub aft a time isn’t so bad…I guess.)

The next morning, the kids had their weekly art class, (the kids LOVE their art class by the way. They get to paint, put together little mini projects each week, play with their beloved playdoh, and they even have a little story time thrown in the mix.)



Later on in the day, well after art class was over, I had an appointment for my wedding dress fitting! I have to have it taken in quite a bit so that the fit is just perfect, so I headed over there that afternoon, wearing all black:

Holding my dress and taking a selfie before I left for my appointment lol!


Shirt from ASOS.com, joggers from gojane.com, and shoes from urbanog.com
Hat is also from gojane I think


At my seamstress’s cute shop in Culver City, CA. Her name is Marie and she is such a firecracker! I just love her!


The next day, Chris and I had our usual monthly date day, and I opted to wear a white-with-navy-stripes turtle neck midi dress. It was super comfortable (a stretchy knit fabric), and I paired it with some oxblood colored fringe heels. We mailed off our invitations for the wedding and had a late lunch!

Dress from boohoo.com, heels from makemechic.com, and tan from the LA sunshine lol




Don’t you just love when other people drive so you can take tons of selfies (then delete the ones you hate!)



After lunch waiting on our truck from valet. I absolutely love turtlenecks too by the way. I wear them all year round!
(navy bag by Céline)

While my week was pretty busy, I did manage to check off several items on my to-do list, and hope to be done with all things wedding related by the first of August!

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend! xoxo

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