Great Buy Of The Week!

Hello my beautiful Fabbies! I hope everyone is having an awesome week so far. I certainly am. Why? Because I am done done done buying diapers and pull-ups! Vito is officially using the potty all day long, AND, has been dry at night for the past 3 nights! Whoop Whoop! It literally took us about 2 weeks to potty train him. Thank you God! (If you’ve ever had to potty train a toddler, you know how taxing it can be!) I’ll write a post later about the difference in potty training boys and girls as it pertains to Zé and Vito.

Potty training victories aside, I wanted to tell you guys about my Great Buy Of The Week. And I know I know I’ve missed the last few weeks of Great Buys, but trust me this post makes up for it! Because it was during those last few weeks that I got my Great Buy! And that purchase was…*drumroll please*…MY WEDDING DRESS! Why did I buy a wedding dress?! Because I’m getting married y’all! Ok ok let me rewind. It was always inevitable that I was getting married, as I’ve been engaged for a minute. However, if you’ve kept up with this blog and my life, you know that we’ve moved every single year, and those moving times typically don’t have a stamped date on them. So it’s extremely hard to plan a big event like a wedding when you don’t know what’s on the horizon for the coming year. (You can read more about my frequent moves that come with dating a professional basketball player here).

So here we are, having finally decided on a date (come hell or high-water), and a place. That place is Costa Rica, and it will be at the end of August! It’s gonna be a destination wedding (we knew we wanted to do that no matter what), and it’s gonna be SO fab and ravenous! I’ve been in full planning mode, checking items off of my to-do list left and right. This wedding will be our wedding/vacation/honeymoon all in one (y’all know we got young kids so we gotta get it in where we fit in lol). I’ll be sure to post some of the neat things that I’ve found along the way in acquiring all things destination wedding related!  So yep! The time has come, and I’m gonna be a bride y’all. My dress is gorgeous. Which you’ll see after the ceremony when we get back to the States and I blog about it. Hehe. But for now, here she is, all in her glory, hanging in one of my closets:

With less than 2 months until the big day, I’ve got a few more things to decide on and get. And I’ll surely be sharing the rest of my planning journey with my readers! Have a wonderful rest of the week!

5 replies to “Great Buy Of The Week!

  1. That's awesome!!!! Yaaaay!!! The suspense of what the dress looks like!!! Lol, so excited for you and Chris!!!! Xoxo


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