My Week In Fashion! (Plus My Fab and Ravenous Weekend with Friends!)

Hey all! Last week I was insanely busy almost every single day, as I was preparing for two of my best friends (and plus one of their four year old sons), to come visit! So this included grocery shopping, stocking my mini bar (hello! There would be lots of drinking!), and stocking up on toilet paper and fun stuff like that. The day before they came into town though, Chris and I had a date day/night, as he was leaving to go out of town the next day as well.
When Chris and I make time for dates, we typically like to choose to go out during the day. That way, we can enjoy the nice weather that LA almost always offers. That means patio lunches and patio cocktails! (By the way, we absolutely love our babysitter, and Zé and Vito love her just the same. ) Anyway, because we typically have “date days”, I get to choose to be dressy or casual! And typically this just depends on my mood. So for this date, I choose to somewhat mix dressy with casual. I opted to wear an off-the-shoulder bodycon dress from with my Nike sky high sneakers, all in my new favorite color: Mint green!

I was super comfortable in this outfit, and I am so obsessed with this color! Chris and I rode around LA finishing up errands, stopping by Krispy Kreme Donuts (just discovered there was one like 3 miles from our house! Winning!), and decided to finish our date stopping by a Taco Food Truck where the food was amazing!!!!

Y’all know I take selfies whenever I’m sitting still lol!


Headed to get some Tacos! Vegetarian of course! 😉
So after me and my Honeybee had our fun date day (that turned to night because of LA traffic), he boarded his plane early morning, and I spent the day running last minute errands and awaiting the arrival of my girls!!

The first day we spent some time on the beach with the kids, and it was a perfect sunny day: not too hot, and not too cold:

Vito always enjoys the beach, but on this particular day, he felt like he wanted to bathe in the sand. He rolled all around in it to his heart’s desire! He was covered from head to toe! (And was not happy when it came time to wash all of the sand out of his hair afterwards.)


One of my favorite bikinis! I got it a few years ago from
The kiddies enjoying the beach!


Zé was so worn out that she took a nap at the beach! ha!



The whole crew!


Y’all know me and my girls brought the libations to the sand! Heyyyy Jordie and Ashley!


I love these fun shades! I got them from Amazon for less than $15!

So after fun times at the beach, we showered and headed to have some Mexican food for dinner. I opted to wear a coral cropped top with my favorite jeans from Express that I got probably 7 or 8 years ago:

Probably wasn’t a good idea to wear a crop top when you’re going to eat Mexican (which is my favorite cuisine!)

And after yummy food, the babies were put to bed, and the adults got ready to party! We went to Supper Club and had the best time ever!!! I decided to wear a 2 piece crop top and matching skirt in ivory, (I’m obsessed with 2 piece sets), and fuchsia sandals to match my hair of course!

And here a few more flicks of me and my girls!

Before we headed out!


Not having a care in the world!


In our Uber headed to party!
That night turned out to be pretty epic, and I woke up the next day with the world’s biggest hangover! But trust me, the hangover was well worth it! This day we decided to relax during the day (which meant napping when the kids napped!), and then having an early dinner at the Cheesecake Factory later during the day. For dinner, I decided to wear my black wide-brimmed hat with a cut-out maxi dress that I got from Marshall’s for about $20!
We had a fabulous dinner (I didn’t order a single thing to drink besides water! Ha!), and at this Cheesecake Factory location, there is a really nice playground for the kids to play on a small beach.


So the next day was a designated shopping day. We first sashayed over to Beverly Hills, and then to one of my favorite malls near my house. For our shopping day, I opted to wear a striped sundress that was made of scuba material, which I love!! The dress was from Ross! Went in there to look for throw pillows, and came out with a dress! Lol!

So comfy, paired with comfy lace up flat sandals from

While were out shopping, we had lunch at BJ’s Brewhouse, where I ordered the most delicious flatbread pizza:

This flatbread had goat cheese, roasted tomatoes, avocado, onions, and I forget what else, but it was AMAZING!!!

The next day, my friend Ashley and her son left to head back to Memphis. So Jordie and I relaxed at the house during the day, and at night, we opted to have another early dinner, going to a restaurant walking distance from my house that specialized in gourmet burgers. I had been wanting to try this place out, and I’m so glad we did! The food there was fantastic too! For this casual dinner, I decided to wear  a black tunic and indigo skinny jeans, both from Forever21:

I ordered a veggie burger with crispy red onions, jalopeño peppers, chipotle aioli, lettuce, tomato, mushrooms and avocado, with huge onion rings on the side:

So good!!
Of course I had my mini-me’s in tow!
All you see is Vito’s head in a sea of chips and salsa, a jai-tai, and more food! All so delicious!!

And finally, on the last day that my girl Jordie was there, we ran an errand or two, and stopped for lunch at Cafe Buna, a wonderful breakfast and lunch spot in the area. For this day, I opted to wear a camouflage trucker hat, an olive green tunic, and knee-patch jeggings that I got from H&M in Italy a few years ago:

All in all, I had such a wonderful time. There was lots of laughter, lots of good food and drink, and my kids got a chance to have a playmate all weekend long! (We miss you already Cam!) There’s nothing like having close friends around that you don’t get a chance to see often. And after this weekend, I’m sure that we definitely made up for lost time!

2 replies to “My Week In Fashion! (Plus My Fab and Ravenous Weekend with Friends!)

  1. Amazing as always! I love your fashion choices. Looks like you and your friends had a blast. Thanks for sharing the pictures and your fabulous style xoxo


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