Great Buy Of The Week!

Hey y’all! So my Great Buy of The Week happens to be stuff you can eat! I’m such a foodie at heart, and love my good eats!! Although I don’t eat meat, I still love food! All kinds! Especially spicy! And sweet! And I also love trying new recipes. Anyway,  My favorite brand of hot sauce at the moment is Frank’s Red Hot. Well the other day, I ran into the grocery store to pick up a few things, and while strolling down the hot sauce aisle, I saw that Frank’s Red Hot had something new on the shelves!

The new sauce that Frank’s had on the shelves was some Sriracha! I recently discovered sriracha a few months back, and have been hooked every since. It’s a very spicy chili sauce that you can put on virtually everything, and I only discovered it because I needed just a dash of it for a new recipe I was trying. I’ve since bought, and now have several brands of sriracha in my fridge, but since Frank’s Red Hot is my favorite hot sauce brand, I just had to try it!

It certainly did not disappoint! The sauce was just thick enough that it didn’t drip out of the bottle from being too runny, and it had just the right amount of zest where it was not too spicy that I could put it on my food and not go running for water. t have since put it on everything I cooked last week, including Vegan spaghetti (I used vegan Italian sausage that was SO GOOD!), and red beans in rice. I also put it on popcorn. I tend to drown my food in sauces, but with sriracha, a little bit goes a long way. Whoop Whoop to Frank’s Red Hot!

The other yummy thing I discovered this week was some very exciting Hummus!!!If you aren’t familiar with hummus, it’s basically a healthier alternative to a dip! There are all kinds out there, so the recipes vary, but mashed chickpeas is a resounding ingredient in most.  So anyway, I was in Costco enjoying their yummy samples and toddler pajamas (I seriously always get the kids pajamas when I go in there. You get like 2 sets for 12 dollars! And at the rate they’re growing, they always are needing new pjs!)
But I digress. While perusing the wine section at Costco, right across the aisle was various dips and different kinds of hummus. The dip that stood out immediately to me was the Spicy Avocado Hummus. As of last year, I’ve become a HUGE fan of avocado. I eat it almost daily. I put them on all of my sandwiches and tortilla wraps, buy avocado-flavored anything, and am just pretty much #teamavocado. I have avocado ranch dressing in my refrigerator as we speak! So the fact that this hummus had avocado and was spicy, I was all in!


Very large tub of hummus for about $6. It’ll last me awhile!

I ate this with some ritz crackers so far, but know they’ll be good with pita chips and wheat thins too. I just got this yesterday, but I’m sure Zé and Vito will love it just the same when I let them try it. (Hummus isn’t really Chris’s favorite thing in the world.)

So there you go! My Great Buys of The Week came in the form of food! Have a great week! xoxo

Speaking of avocado, one of my favorite things to make for lunch for the family are vegetarian wraps. You just slap some ingredients on a flour tortilla, roll it up, warm in the microwave for about 15 seconds, and serve!
Here are my go-to ingredients for the wrap:
-Spicy mayo
-Baby Spinach
-Lots of avocado, sliced
-shredded cheddar cheese
-grape tomato, cut in half
Sometimes if I have it, I also add hearts of palm. It is SO good and so filling. And you can remix the ingredients anyway that you like! Cucumbers are a great way to fill the wrap as well!

Bon Appetit!

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