It’s My One Year Blog-a-versary!!!

Hey Fabbies!! Yesterday marked the One Year Anniversary of me writing this blog! It has been a Fab and Ravenous year for sure! Since starting this blog in May of 2014, I have moved from Charlotte, North Carolina, back to Frisco, Texas, and then to Los Angeles, California, which is where I currently am now. A heck of a whole lot can happen in a year, and so much can change! (Speaking of change, I’ve changed my hair color about 6 times since last May). I have lots of exciting things on the horizon (which I will blog about in the near future!), and am just so happy that I get to share small excerpts of my life with you guys on a pretty regular basis.
Since the anniversary of this blog was actually yesterday, I’ll share a what I did! The kids had their weekly art class yesterday morning, and afterwards, we typically go to the Cheesecake Factory, but yesterday we opted to venture further out to Redondo Beach, California, where we walked on the pier and let the kids run around and enjoy the big waves, stopped at a few shops on the pier, and just enjoyed the sunshiny day:


The joys of childhood.


Admiring the ocean waves from the Pier in Redondo Beach, CA
Big Waves and Big Rocks


This little store on the Pier sold the neatest kites, flags, and beach toys for kids.


Heading to the truck after a fun day outside!

And today, I spent my Thursday doing housework, having a very exciting consultation meeting via phone, (I’ll explain in the coming weeks, hehe), and relaxing and playing with the kiddies per usual. I’m extremely excited for my future, and cannot wait to see what this next year has in store for me!


Daily selfie in my closet mirror. This is my favorite t-shirt dress. I’ve had it for years and even wore when I was pregnant with both Zé and Vito. (Thank God for stretchy fabric!) I got it almost 10 years ago when I lived in Memphis from a local boutique, and have held on to it with every move across country (and out of the country!) Anyway, that’s what I lounged around the house in today lol.


Earlier today after my consultation. I was at the very top floor of our house on what’s called “The Observation Deck”. It has stunning views of the city and the beach is behind me on this photo. Such a neat space in this house that I rarely take advantage of!

Now don’t get me wrong, this “Fab and Ravenous” life isn’t all sunshines and rainbows. I just choose to share those happier moments with you guys! However, even when life isn’t feeling so great, or I’m feeling overwhelmed with whatever million things that I’m dealing with, I’ve always opted to take things and stride, and have chosen to be happy. I even have the Chinese symbol “Happiness” tattooed on me that I had done my freshman year in college! (Ok ok, let’s just hope it means “Happiness” and not something terrible like “Dog Shit.”But y’all remember when Chinese symbols were the cool tattoos to get?!) But I digress.  A Fab and Ravenous life is whatever you make it. For me, life is Family. Love. Health. Spirituality. Good Food. Good Drinks. Great Sex. Laughter. Champagne. Being Intellectually Challenged. Long Runs. Fashion. Playing Referee to My Kids Daily…

Life is whatever you make it. I’m glad to say, that no matter being overwhelmed, stressed, happy or sad, my life will always Fab and Ravenous, because that’s what I’ve chosen it to be!


And this evening, with my feet up and relaxing with a Mang-O-Rita. (Does anybody else still drink these besides me? I typically don’t like to leave anyone out), and this includes my alcoholic beverages lol.)

6 replies to “It’s My One Year Blog-a-versary!!!

  1. Absolutely love the pics of the kids and the beach!! Of course love the pics of you and your amazing outfits!!!
    Look forward to see what great adventure you're going to be working on!!! The Jones family is always #teamdouglassrobertsFam!!! As always thanks for sharing!! ❤


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