My Fab and Ravenous Weekly Summary

Hey Fabbies! I hope everyone had a wonderful week! My week last week consisted of shuttling the kids to art class and playdates, running errands, making future goals (more on that later.), and trying to cram jogging sessions in whenever I could. The weather in LA has been a bit cooler than normal, so I haven’t been able to break out my daisy dukes yet! I am beyond excited that summer is around the corner though. I love the smell of freshly cut grass, bar b que smells wafting throughout the neighborhood, and of course days spent at the pool or beach. (Last summer I was living in Texas and had a pool, this summer we live in LA on the beach. No complaints from me!)

Anyway,  last Friday, I met up with my friend Kim, and we usually manage to snap a selfie together, but we didn’t this time. 😦  Perhaps because we met up for Happy Hour, and after a few drinks and girl talk, my phone was likely buried in my purse. I did, however, manage to snap my usual “selfie-before-leaving-the-house-outfit-pic, so this is what I wore:

I  wore a khaki jumpsuit from H&M, and pink heels to match my hair lol. 

This was such a fun night, as Kim is the best company ever! We plan to make our Friday meet ups a routine thing, so be on the lookout for more outfit pics and pics of her too! 🙂

That following Wednesday, I also had to take Zé and Vito to their weekly art class, which they both love. They paint, create projects, play with play doh, and sometimes get their clothes filthy.

Painting pictures that would rival Leonardo DaVinci’s. 

For their art classes, I typically try to dress pretty casual and comfy, and this day, I opted to sport a shirt from Chris’s clothing line that depicts his now famous phrase: Don’t Cheat The Grind. This is a slogan he coined years ago, and has since trademarked it, as it has gained worldwide attention. So yes, a #DCTG laden apparel is on the way!


I also ran several miles over the week, and like any other gal in the world, likes to snap pics post workout! haha:

Thanks to living in LA, my workouts leave me a shade darker.  Tan life! 

Many times when I take a selfie, either Zé or Vito, (or both) are nearby. This selfie was me before a workout, and trying on some fun Nike sandals that I had just gotten, which are, by the way, the most comfortable shoes on the planet. Vito was ready for a nap and was about that “Pick me up please” life.

I hope all of y’all had a wonderful week, and an even better week ahead!! 

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