Great Buy Of The Week!

Hey Fabbies! I shop for things household related, for the kids, for myself, for Chris, etc, pretty regularly, and I am a sucker for a great deal. I figured I needed to start sharing my “Great Buys” with y’all every week, because let’s be honest: What person doesn’t love a sale or a great deal?! I had to go by the mall to Best Buy, and on my way out I stopped by one of my favorite stores, more specifically one of my favorite stores to shop for my kids, H&M.

At this particular mall, this H&M is 2 stories. The children’s section is upstairs, and the women’s section is downstairs. Because they have such a nice kids section, I rarely go downstairs to see what the Women’s section has because I get so caught up in the kids’ section! But on this particular day, (Thursday I think?), Best Buy is on the first floor, and with the H&M’s women section being on the first floor, I breezed through really quick before heading out to my car.  I wasn’t really looking or needing anything particular, so I scanned a few sections before heading to the Sales racks, and lo and behold were cute sweatshirts on sale for $5!! I’m talking, five dollar footlonggg Subway sandwiches five dollars. I saw 2 that I really liked, and snapped them on up!


My toes match this sweatshirt hehe.



Sweatshirts are the easiest things in life to wear. You can throw them over a thin tank top if you get cold, tie them around your waist if you get hot, pair with skinnies, mini skirts, or shorts, and depending on  your mood, wear flats, sneakers, or heels with them! And, if you feel bloated or not feeling your like your svelte self, sweatshirts cover a multitude of sins! 🙂 I love sweatshirts! So this was my great Buy of the Week. All for just ten bucks. If there is an H&M near you, (and check online too!), check out their sale rack and score some fab and ravenous finds! 🙂

Oh, and my outfit of choice for running errands, including snagging these Great Buys of the Week, was an olive sweater dress and hat, with gladiator flat sandals. It was very gloomy earlier that day, so this was outfit was comfy and perfect for the day:

2 replies to “Great Buy Of The Week!

  1. That's an amazing sale!!!! I'm all about a sale. I absolutely love your outfit!!! My mom made sure I saw your sandals!! Love them!!! As always thanks for sharing!!! Xoxo


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