Fifty Shades Of Me Time!

Hi Fabbies! It’s been a while! You know how you get so busy, and life just kinda happens, so you don’t have time to post on your blog sometimes? No? Oh okay well that has been the case with me the last few weeks. 🙂 But I’m back! And want to share with you all how I spent a recent “Me” Day! What’s a “Me Day?” you ask?

A “Me Day” is basically a day where you spend time alone, relaxing at the Spa, getting a mani/pedi, reading a good book with a nice glass of wine, etc…It’s a day where you unwind, relax, and enjoy your own company! I do all of those things whenever I have “me time”, but this last time I decided to take myself to the movies to see “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

I read the book series, so was very curious to see how the characters would be brought to life. (I’ll briefly discuss my thoughts on the movie later. Hehe). I talked about taking myself to the movies for the first time a few months ago in this post here.
Anyway, the movie theater that is near my house is only 2.5 miles away, and with the weather being so nice that day, (okay okay it’s nice almost everyday), I decided to walk to the movies! So I put on some comfy workout gear, wore my backpack, grabbed some sunglasses and headphones and off I went! It was a windy and sunny day this particular Saturday, so the walk there was nice and easy. I listened to Pandora, had my water in my backpack, and just enjoyed my leisure stroll!



I started to get a little hot so I tied my pullover around my waist about 15 minutes into the walk lol


After about a 45 minute walk or so, I arrived to the movie theater! This movie theater is a dine-in theater, where you sit in the most comfortable, RECLINING chair ever, and can order food and drinks from right there in your seat. I know lots of cities have this type of theater, but when I went for the first time a few months ago, I knew then that I would never go back to a regular theater to see a movie again!
I got there a bit early, so I sat at the bar. (Yes, there’s a full bar right inside of the theater!) I went ahead and ordered a cocktail, and leisurely sipped my drink until the theater was ready to let people sit down. After getting halfway through my drink, I stopped by the bathroom and snapped a quick selfie. Of course.

Workout gear + cocktail + The highest bun you ever did see

So after the bathroom break, I was ready to sit down, relax and watch my movie! Well, not so fast. I sat down and perused the menu first, and ordered some jalapeno poppers (fried jalapeno peppers with cream cheese or cheddar cheese in the middle. In this case, it was the cream cheese. #heavenonearth) I also ordered some bang bang shrimp and another cocktail for my lunch. All while sitting in the comfort of a chair that reclines. And when I say recline, I mean, you-can-literally-fall-asleep-it-goes-so-far-back, recline.


Feet up, cocktail ready

So the movie begins. Without saying too much or giving the movie details away, I’ll say that I really enjoyed it! If you’re unfamiliar with the premise of the movie, do a quick google search on “Fifty Shades of Grey”, and all kinds of information will pop up. I know it’s known for being a sexy movie and all of that, but it was truly enjoyable. I felt like the actors did a great job portraying the characters in the book, I enjoyed the music that was played throughout the movie (I went home and bought the soundtrack off iTunes that same night lol), and it was a group of women sitting near me that were hilarious with their commentary, that added to the entertainment. (They weren’t the obnoxious loud type of movie-goers that we all hate, but would just whisper funny things as the movie went on from time to time.)

After the movie, I felt relaxed and ready to walk home! Along the way home, I stopped by the Dollar Tree to get random snacks, and also grabbed the kids a few random toys. (Even on my “me time”, I miss my kids like crazy!) I listened to my music, enjoyed the sights and sounds of sunny LA, and told myself that I definitely have to do this once a month.


Talk about a relaxing walk home!

“Me Time” is much needed for anyone, anywhere. It gives you time to get lost in your own thoughts, detach from the rest of the world for a period of time, and just time to enjoy your own company.  I encourage all of you to have some “Me” time this week! You deserve it. 😉

5 replies to “Fifty Shades Of Me Time!

  1. What's “me time”??? Lol. I have not had a day or evening to myself in three years…not complaining but it sure aounds nice to watch a movie and drink, eat without getting up 100 times..good for u doll


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