Don’t You Wish Santa Claus Was Real?

Hey ya’ll! Happy Holidays and all that good stuff!! Is everyone done Christmas Shopping? I certainly am. Anyway, Christmas is tomorrow, and typically during the holidays, I tend to get all nostalgic and think about the many great memories I had during childhood, like how I eagerly anticipated the coming of Christmas, and the man of the hour, Santa Claus. Ahhh Santa Claus. The man who sees us when we were sleeping. Who knows when we’re awake. Who knows if we’ve been bad or good so be good for goodness sake! Right?! My sisters and I would leave cookies and milk out for Santa Claus, because of course he would be hungry! Having to deliver all of those gifts to kids all over the world! How tiring is that?! (And plus he was heavyset so he probably was always hungry anyway right?) And we would eagerly go to bed early, and get up at the crack of dawn, banging on our parents’ doors to show them what Santa had brought us! (Sorry Mom and Dad for those 6 am wake-up calls all those years.) Such great Christmas morning memories!

…And then, when my sister Tamika and I were a bit older (she’s 15 months older than me, so we’re basically twins, but not.) , my mom sat us down, and explained to us that Santa Claus wasn’t real. EXCUSE ME?! What do you mean he isn’t real, mean lady disguised as my mom?! Tamika and I looked at each other confused like, “huh”? So she went on to gently explain that he was just a character, and that really her and Dad bought us those gifts over the years. So of course I began shooting question after question at her: “So who ate the milk and cookies every year?! Huh mom huh?! Mom: “We did”. “So that time when I asked Santa for a cabbage patch doll, and “he” got it for me, that was you and dad too?!! Mom: “Yes, that was us too.” Oh the horror!! I was mildly devastated. Okay probably a lot devastated. And my mom told my sister and I that we couldn’t tell our younger sister Diamond this news though, because she was still too young to understand. So this immediately made Tamika and I perk up, because now we had a secret that only we could know because we were so much older and mature. (You gotta love kids. So easy to distract right?)

Anyway, I went on to still have great Christmases despite the fact that I now knew that Santa Claus was just a fictitious character, introduced across the world as a gift, to the innocence that only exists in children.
So fast forward to present day, 2014. I’m a mom of two toddlers. One who is beginning to understand the idea of a Santa Claus and gifts. (Oh and when they are a bit older, we will take them to places where we can donate their old toys and show them how giving is such a blessing. We donate everything now, but ohhh they will eventually see and understand the real meaning of Christmas. But I digress.)
So because my kids are older, they have actually shown interest in certain things at this point. For example: Ze has this little plastic bike that Vito loves to try and ride. Ze promptly says “that’s mine Vito!”. And a potential screaming match ensues. So guess who is getting a plastic bike for Christmas?! You guessed it! Vito! (Who knew such toys would be so beloved?)
But here’s the problem. These little plastic things don’t come already put together. You, yes you parent, have to put them together yourself!!


I am SO not a fan of putting stuff together!! Now, if you just have a knack for this kind of thing and can do it quickly, then my hat’s off to you. I, however, abhor it. Yes! I hate it! But, somebody has got to do it. And Chris is on the road until Christmas Eve. And honestly neither one of us are fans of doing this sorta thing. But ohhhh if Santa Claus was real, he would somehow get that thing down the chimney and put it under the Christmas tree! But yeah, he’s not. Womp womp. So about an hour later… (I swear it should not have taken that long for the mechanically inclined person, which I am NOT), ta-daaaaa:

A bike was born!! And after all of that moaning and groaning, I felt such a sense of accomplishment. Crazy right?

Because I was feeling all handy, I went ahead and put together another toy:



This didn’t take as long, but I did have to start over at one point from getting ahead of myself on following the directions correctly. (See what happens when you start feeling yourself. Smh)

And my friend Christy who lives in Charlotte (hey girl hey!) had this toy at her house, and the kids and I used to go weekly for playdates (and girl talk and wine hehe), and Ze & Vito LOVED this dang car. That doesn’t move. And is kinda small. And seems kinda pointless. But I’d bet you a million dollars they are going to love it just the same, and potentially fight over it. (Sigh, why do I do this to myself. And thanks Christy for the potential headache you’re gonna cause me. lol!)
Anyway, if Santa was real though, I wouldn’t have to put my blood, sweat and tears into putting toys together days before Christmas, then subsequently figuring out where in the heck I’m gonna hide the dang toys. Santa would just bring them down that chimney, (and if you didn’t have a chimney like we didn’t growing up, then he could somehow squeeze himself AND the toys through the pipes or something. How naive are kids by the way?!)

Ohh if only. I vividly remember being obsessed and begging for a Barbie DreamHouse one Christmas, and waking up at 6 am to find it sitting beautifully by the tree. And also sitting by the DreamHouse, was my dad, with a screwdriver and a wrench lying there beside him. And he was knocked out asleep. I was like, “Dad! Look what Santa Claus did!!! He got my Barbie Dreamhouse!!!! Wake up!! Look!!” When I got older, I had realized that my Dad had to wait until we were asleep, so that he could put together that DreamHouse for me. I’m sure he remembers that all too well, and I am forever grateful for both him and my mom. They did everything to make sure we got what we wanted every year. I just love my parents!

So okay yeah, Santa Claus is cool. But when Ze and Vito get older, and we have to break the news to them that he is, indeed just a character, I know that later on in life, they will appreciate the lengths we go through just to make them happy. And also how they drive us to drink. 🙂

And this Christmas onesie got its fair share of wear this Holiday hehe:

My expression says: Yeah I put together toys and I hate it and I need and a drink. But I gotta take a selfie first

And here is me, re-enacting my how my dad was that one Christmas morning, with tools nearby, passed out sleep after he put together my Barbie DreamHouse. Don’t you just love your parents?!

If you look closely, there is a hammer and small screwdriver in my lap, which are tools  I need to put together those God forsaken toys lol
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of my Fab readers! 🙂

2 replies to “Don’t You Wish Santa Claus Was Real?

  1. Haaaaaaa! Okay yes i know I'm behind on the blogs (humor me anyway lol) MERRRRYYYY CHRISTMAS 😁😁😁…..I'm too tickled about Santa having to be hungry for cookies because he's heavy 🌴 😁😂😭…..& even more tickled that you remember Ms Bonnie telling you, she and your dad were Santa Claus – Mildly devasted tho Rav ? 😂😭😂😭😂😭😂 You are toooooo much lol……Kudos on the Christmas onesie (you know I for EVERY theme event & having a costume, head price etc… – enacting your dad in the last photo is hilarious & beautiful that you have these memories all these years later 😘😘😘😘💋


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