My Birthday Weekend Recap!

Hey Fabbies! So it’s been a few weeks now that we’ve been settled into our house here in California, and I have to say I’m loving the weather here. I had the busiest week ever once we started the move-in process though. Lawd! Literally every day we had somebody come to the house to install that, or put together this. I am so happy that all of that is over and the boxes are all

unpacked! I promise I do not want to see another box again for a long, long time! Lol!

So anyway, once we got good and settled into the house, and the kids got used to their new rooms, (this took a few days for Vito. He just was not having it at first), Chris had to prepare for a long road trip with the Clippers for about 12 days. I was pretty bummed, because a.) 12 days?! That’s damn near 2 weeks!! Ughhh! b.) My birthday and Thanksgiving would be during that 12 day time span, and c.) I just moved here and haven’t learned the new city yet, so I’d have to figure out what to do and where to go on my own! What’s the fun in that?!
But little did I know, Chris had a surprise up his sleeve. The day before my birthday Chris told me that I would be receiving a few packages that I needed to be at home to sign for. I was like “Ooooh okay!” So the first package arrived and they were the Aminah Jillil bow pump shoes that I love so much in several colors. (I first blogged about them here: I had mentioned to Chris on one occasion how much I loved the shoes, and he got me some in 3 different colors! (Sidenote, Chris has always been very good at paying attention to detail and to things that I like. That’s one of the millions of reasons why I love him. 🙂

Here are the fabulous shoes:

Black platform round toe bow pumps, red classic style, and limited edition leopard print! I love them!

So after receiving the shoes, Chris told me that I have one more package coming. I was so excited because he already done such a great job with the shoes. So a few hours later, I’m sitting on my couch downstairs with the kids, and I had the curtains drawn, and I look up and see my MOM walking down our sidewalk!! I was like “OH MY GOD HOW IS MY MOM HERE RIGHT NOW?!” I was so confused but soooo excited that I almost cried! I ran outside and was like “Mom! Did Chris do this?!?” And she said yep! He coordinated the whole trip! Talk a great surprise!! I was so happy that he thought enough of me to have one of my favorite people in the world come and keep me company while he would be out of town for 12 days. (Going to visit her and my family in Mississippi was out of the question, because I had to be at the house to finish getting all of our services set up (Internet, cable, and etc) and finish getting the house in order. It was such a great surprise!

Because we live right next door to the beach, I take the kids there almost every other day or so. So of course we went with my mom on my birthday and snapped a few pictures as well:



It was a fun way to spend my birthday, and if you look closely at that last pic, I had a water bottle filled with white wine to celebrate. 🙂
Other highlights of my birthday weekend included when we headed to La Boulange for lunch. This cool little spot (located in Los Angeles) had a nice outdoor patio, and since the weather was nice, we chose to eat outside. For this late lunch, I decided to wear a two piece skirt and crop top set, paired with leopard strappy sandals and a wide brim hat:


Y’all know I stay with a car selfie lol

And at the restaurant:




I ordered a mushroom swiss veggie burger with onions that was so deelish!! I also had a margarita that was not as good, so I would definitely not order that particular drink again. The food was wonderful though and had a great menu.
The rest of my birthday weekend was pretty low key, as we went to Target to pick up household items, the grocery store to stock the refrigerator, and went back to the beach, which is the kids’ new favorite place to go. I’m incredibly happy that my mom is here to hang out with me and help out with the kids, because that definitely makes Chris being on the road that much easier. Below are a few more photos from my birthday weekend, which I really enjoyed!
Headed out to run errands


Another day at the beach!


A random morning where he insisted on where his hoody and a hat


She loves to dress herself these days


Headed to Target with Gigi


Having the time of her life on a train ride lol


Vito napping on me after a long morning at the beach







I have to say, now that we’re settled in and comfortable, so far Los Angeles is treating me pretty good. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday! xo

3 replies to “My Birthday Weekend Recap!

  1. Thank You for sharing your amazing memories with all of us!! Such a beautiful family, inside and out! btw, LOVE the shoes,esp the leopard print!!! ����


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