Hello Fall! (I think?)

So it’s that time of year again! The leaves (should) be turning colors, the wind is blowing, the temperatures are beginning to drop…It’s Fall! I think it’s the perfect time to be outdoors. But when you live in the South, sometimes certain cities don’t get the memo that the temperatures are supposed to drop, and it’s time to tuck away the tank tops and shorts for awhile. As a result, sometimes you may experience hot days that still remind you of summer, and you find yourself hoping for cooler temperatures and not sweltering heat! But I digress. This is post isn’t really even about weather!

Last week, my friend and I took our kids to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, which is basically 66 acres of lush gardens and gorgeous vistas on the banks of White Rock Lake. (What a wonderful description right? Those weren’t my words, that description came from their Facebook page lol!)
Anyway, we decided to enjoy the outdoors on that day, let the kids run around, and take in nature for a bit. Now, this day would have been even more perfect if the weather had been a bit cooler outside. (That’s why I mentioned that sometimes the South doesn’t get the memo like the rest of the Western world.) But it was fun (and hot!), nonetheless. There was beautiful landscaping, several cafes and restaurants throughout the HUGE garden, and they also set up a nice pumpkin patch area for guests to pick out pumpkins. (Sidenote: Halloween is right around the corner and it’s one of my absolute favorite holidays, so seeing the pumpkins everywhere got me so excited!)

Ze and her buddy Mia checking out the scenery






Vito would not let go of this white mini pumpkin!







We felt like Cinderella for like 3 minutes. How excited were they? (Not!) lol

And for our outing on this day, I opted to wear (short) grey denim shorts, a neon yellow long tank, and my favorite fedora:

Y’all already know I had to take a selfie lol

Such a fun day! But hey, Fall? Go ahead and drop the temperature just a little bit though. Or don’t tease us with a nice cool day, then go back to blistering heat the next? Thanks! 🙂

2 replies to “Hello Fall! (I think?)

  1. Yes to that selfie honey!! Yassssssssssss!! I'll let you guess who this is! Lol :* P.S- When you get to LA I'm def inviting myself for a girls weekend! It's amazing!!


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