We’re Headed to the West Coast!

Hey Fabbies! I hope y’all have had a luxurious week! Well I am SO happy to finally be able to share with you guys that we will be moving to Los Angeles, California soon, as Chris recently signed with the LA Clippers!

He was a free agent (if you’re unfamiliar with basketball and what free agency is, google it really quickly lol.) this summer, so we knew no matter what we would be moving to a new city come fall. And turns out, Los Angeles will be our new home! This just means the for the rest of the month of September, most of my days will be spent packing up our house, and getting things in order for the move. We’ve moved so much that at this point, I could pack boxes in my sleep!

As we prepare for our big move, I’ll try to continue to post as regularly as I can. Of course I’ll be busy but I mean let’s be honest, you guys look forward to my posts right? Lol! ;p
Anyway, I think we were destined to live in LA someday, because, look at my shirt!

I’m probably a psychic and don’t even know it. I’ve had this shirt forever, but maybe I bought it subconsciously knowing we would end up there?! (Okay I’m kidding. it was just a cute little grey tank that was on sale, so I got it. lol)

Anyway, Vito seems to be already ready to go:
As you can see, we already have boxes on deck to be packed and shipped.
Vito and Ze will fight all day over that small suitcase by the way. They both love to roll it around the house. I have to hide it often.
And finally, in all seriousness, I just want to say that I am extremely proud of Chris. I’ve never seen someone so dedicated, focused, and who works as hard as he does. His career has been quite decorated, with both highs and lows, and he continues to overcome the lows. (If you want to learn more about his journey, you can check out his Youtube series, “I Am Not A Star”, starting with Episode 1 here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1Bqo4g2bC4o.) He is a visionary (#DCTG), and he inspires me to be the best that I can be in all aspects of my life day in and day out, and just as I am his biggest fan, he is mine. And if we had to pick up and move to the moon, I’d be right by his side with my bags packed.
Plus he’s sexy. Hehe

I’m so proud of him! Now everyone go out and buy your Clippers gear! You’re now fans of the LA Clippers. Because I said so! 😉

6 replies to “We’re Headed to the West Coast!

  1. Hello Raven… I am a fellow Jacksonian living in L.A. I went to Jim Hill c/o 2000. I have been living out here for the past 10 years. But I use to play ball and run track for the Hill and I remember u torching us every year. But I am a singer out here. So if u guys are ever looking for any live music, let me know. And if u need some cool southern or east coast women to hang with while u are out here, my fiancee is from the East Coast and all my other homegirls are from the South. But good luck on ur new journey and hope to run into you out here one of these days


  2. Hi Maurice! Thank you for reading my blog! And I will definitely have to come check you out live once I get there! Good luck with your career and thank you for the well wishes!


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