Vegas: Epic Weekend Edition! (Lots of Pictures, So Grab A Cocktail!)

Hey Fabbies! It’s been a while since I’ve last posted, partly due to the fact that I spent this past weekend in Las Vegas for my Bachelorette weekend. And since returning on Monday, I’ve been catching up on housework and errand-running. Oh, and catching up on sleep lol. My weekend was absolutely amazing, and I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it. (Well, I’ll tell you guys some of what happened. After all, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas right?) 😉

So my trip to Vegas began bright and early Friday morning, with completing my normal routine of getting the kids up and eating breakfast, and also finishing up last minute packing. After getting just a tad bit emotional, I kissed my babies goodbye, hugged my mom (Chris was out of town at this point), and left in my awaiting SUV to head to pick up my sister from her home, then head to the airport:


I wore a graphic print romper, and sparkly flat sandals (that I’ve had for years!)
Me and Tamika on the way to the airport!


Once we got to the airport, I checked in, and soon got settled in my seat. Since I had been up all morning, I made sure I ate breakfast on the plane. And here is my breakfast:
Cranberry and Vodka cocktail, and mixed nuts. :p

After indulging in a few cocktails (plus lunch, which included a salad), we landed in Vegas, and were ready to meet the rest of the girls! In total, there were 10 girls who attended my bachelorette weekend. They are all fabulous girls who have been in my life for years, and whom I love dearly! I arrived at my hotel around noon, where we all stayed at the Palms Casino and Resort. About half of the girls were already there poolside, so I quickly checked into my suite, changed into my bathing suit, hat, and coverup, and joined them:


My girls Ayana, Joy and I all heading down to the pool!
We spent time poolside, tanning, sipping cocktails, and just having fun and relishing the fact that the bachelorette weekend was finally here!
After enjoying the pool for a bit, we all came up to my suite to check it out, and it was there that my friend Christy got me a Bachelorette Survival Kit, that would have everything I need to survive the wild and crazy weekend that lie ahead! There was everything from pain medicine (just in case I had a headache and/or was sick from being hungover, an eye mask to sleep in, hair accessories, a manicure kit, tons and tons of snacks, nausea medicine, a shot glass, mini bottles of my favorite alcohol and wine,  and lots more stuff! She made good and sure that I was prepared!!


After enjoying the suite and relaxing for a while, everyone retreated to their rooms to get ready for dinner. I opted to wear an aqua mini dress with a mermaid-style hem, with matching aqua sandals:

Dinner was absolutely delicious! I had sushi (I can’t remember what kind; keep in mind the champagne never stopped flowing lol!) And after dinner, our waiter brought out the hugest cotton candy ball and other treats as a congratulatory dessert for myself, the bride-to-be!


From left: Channing, Jordie, Brittanii, me, Ayana, Christy, Ashley, DKels, Tamika, and Joy!


Yummy Cotton Candy!
After dinner, it was time to change (I seriously changed outfits 3-4 times a day) into my party dress, as we were about to hit the town for the night. I changed into a turquoise, sequins minidress that had a sweetheart neckline. I loved loved loved how sparkly my dress was!
The girls all met in my suite to pre-game (meaning, drink, listen to music, have our own little party, etc…) before heading out. It was here that I presented my girlfriends with a little token of appreciation for coming to celebrate my bachelorette weekend with me! I got each of the girls hand-painted champagne glasses with their names at the bottom of the stem. I found them on, where a fabulous lady named Sheryl, hand-painted each glass for me. She shipped all the glasses straight to my hotel, and she was wonderful to work with. You can find her shop, Hand Painted Petals, here:
Here’s what they look like:
And here’s me passing out the gifts, and then making my speech of how much I loved my girlfriends!


And after that, it was time to party! We went to Tao Nightclub, then stopped by 1Oak. And of course, good times were had. Now, I can’t include all the pictures from this fabulous, crazy night, but here are a few:










The night continued, as we went to a few more places, and had tons more fun. Unfortunately, those pictures are confined to the phones of the girls of #ravensvegasbachelorette, and won’t be shown on this blog. Hehehe. That stays in Vegas!
The next day, some of the girls went to brunch, others slept in, and some went to the pool to tan. I chose to go to the pool, where I ordered lunch poolside. But not before enjoying the magnificent afternoon view from my suite:
And I opted to wear my 2 piece fringe ombre-style bikini, with my gold body chain underneath, paired with my kimono cover-up that I got from Pink Pumps Boutique:


After the pool, I went back to my suite to find that Ayana, and my friend who put the whole trip together, had decorated the suite, complete with bachelorette decorations and goodies! I was so surprised and excited! After the excitement died down, we all headed to Caesar’s Palace where we went shopping for a few hours.
After shopping, we then came back to the hotel to prepare for dinner. The theme for the dinner that night was that all of the girls would wear black, and I would wear white. (Being that I’m the bride and virginal and all of course.)
Dinner was at the rooftop of our hotel at a restaurant called Nove Italiano, that had wonderful food, and a fabulous view of the city of Las Vegas. For dinner, I opted to wear a fitted (okay, it was very fitted) white lace sequined dress with a sweetheart neckline, that had sheer lace patterns on the sides of the dress. I paired that dress with gold strappy sandals, accompanied by gold jewelry. I absolutely loved my dress for dinner:







Dinner was awesome, and I loved everything about it! 🙂
After dinner, it was time to gear up for my actual bachelorette party! This took place in my hotel suite. I then changed into my pink, sparkly dress and pink bow pumps, and it was time to party, play crazy drinking games, and have the time of our lives!












We had an absolute ball! My girls also presented me with fabulous gifts and cards, and I loved every single thing! The party got crazy, and again, those pics will be reserved for all those in attendance! Ha! 😉
After the fantastic party, I then changed to into the last dress of the night, which was a royal blue sparkly, backless minidress. I paired these with black strappy sandals that hand fringe around the ankle. This is perhaps my favorite of the weekend:

We then headed to GhostBar to party! (Many of us changed into flats so that we could dance the night away!







We literally danced the night away. And the party didn’t stop there, as we headed back to our hotel, and did a little gambling before heading to bed and only God knows what time. Awesome day. And a more awesome night!
The next day, half of the crew left to head back to their respective cities to get ready for the upcoming work week, while the rest of us stayed in Vegas for until the next day. We spent the majority of the day lounging, eating, and napping, and as the sun set, we headed out on the strip to take in the sights and sounds of the city. This included watching the wonderful water/light show at the Bellagio hotel, bar hopping, and even stop to do karaoke! (I sang too! Including Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” and Toni Braxton’s “Unbreak My Heart.” There’s video of all of these, but trust me, it’s pretty bad (drunken) singing, and you don’t wanna see it! Ha!)
But it was truly an awesome last night to an otherwise wonderful weekend!









I was singing my heart out Whitney Houston lol!


Talk about the best Girls Trip ever! Las Vegas was so good to me and my girls, and we are all probably going to spend all of this week recovering. Some of the pictures are my own, but many were sent to me from many of my girls. And what’s even funnier, is that LOTS of pictures didn’t even make this blog, because, well, I have to keep some of my trip private now don’t I? Just know, that the weekend was epic, and it was truly unforgettable! 🙂

4 replies to “Vegas: Epic Weekend Edition! (Lots of Pictures, So Grab A Cocktail!)

  1. It sounds fantastic! I would have been gambling the entire time of all that dancing and winning big money. Oh, that's right, I wasn't invited. LOL I am so happy it was a great weekend.


  2. 1st thing – your graphic romper is amazing. Send me a pic of the sparkly flats. Or are they the ones from the pool when you were ummmm thickem(s) ����…..Your “Breakfast” on the plane was awesome (heehee)
    Being that I was late to arrive I missed your pin up style pink swim cover up. �� #AmazeBalls & of course on all your 1,5987 outfit/dress changes your looked Fabulous ������as you always do.
    Thank you again for the champagne glass. That I'm proudly displaying on my counter waiting to be used again (possibly tonight- renting single moms club from the red box) I'll let you know what I think about it later. Lol
    Scrolling through the pictures ����& I was surprised! ��You have some pictures I haven't even seen lol (how did that happen) �� I saved them from the blog but they aren't the best quality when you save them like that. Soooooo the table have turned & I'll be asking you to send me some pictures lol (I'll text you later and ask for them). ….3 days later & I'm still recuperating & on a natural high all at the same time. This was an amazing experience and something we got to experience together for the first ( most of us)
    Sorry for the essay ( I'm just so freaking happy)
    Love you long time
    FGP ������


  3. Lol Thank you Brit!!! We had such a good time and we SO have to do an annual girls trip!! I mean, how can we not!!! And you're very welcome for your champagne glass! Aren't they fab!? I'll be sure to send you some pictures too! I know I'm mad late lol! Love you too and talk to you soon! xoxo


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