The Fitness Challenge is Still Going Strong…Right? Day 21!

Hey Fabbies! So I know I haven’t posted lately about the 30 day Fitness Challenge, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been fitnessing! (That word is totally made up, but totally appropriate for this blog.) I’ve been majorly busy over the past week, so because I haven’t had a chance to run as much, I’ve tried to really watch what I eat, and increase my fruits and veggies. No, I haven’t ditched the cocktails. No matter how busy life gets, there’s always, always room for cocktails.

So in 21 days, I suppose the biggest change so far has been that I’ve flattened my stomach a bit more. Notice I said “more”, meaning, it was already flat, but honey let me eat a good meal, that thing will bloat for hours after! Don’t you hate that?! You eat a good hearty meal to the point where you can’t move, then you walk around for the next few hours looking 3 months pregnant! Ugh! Woman problems! (I’m sure men have these problems too, but they just don’t care as much lol). So I’ve added some progress pics if you will, of how upping my workouts and improving my eating habits have helped flatten my midsection:

Selfie in the kids’ bathroom. Both are standing somewhere nearby lol.


Excuse the hair and face. I was acting silly taking selfies for a smooth 6 and half minutes.

So those are my first official progress pics, taken last night before giving the kids a bath. 9 days left Fabbies! Let’s finish strong so we can celebrate at the end of the 30th day with…yep you guessed it! Cocktails dahlingggg. *Cheers*!


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