Packing Up Jewelry For a Weekend Getaway

Hey there Fabbies! So this upcoming weekend, me and some of my best girlfriends will be headed to Vegas to celebrate my Bachelorette Weekend! I am beyond ecstatic because, 1: I get to reunite with friends that I have not seen in months and months, and 2: I’ve never been to Vegas before! So although it’s just for the weekend, I’m trying very hard not to pack everything I own. To help with this, I’ve decided to break my packing down into days, and by items. Today is Day 1 of packing, and I’ve decided to pack my jewelry! Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE accessories. I mean, LOVE.    My motto with jewelry has always been “more is more”. No. Not “less is more”, but “more is more!” Pile on the bangles! Pile on the necklaces! Bring on the big earrings! And since I love jewelry and accessories so much, I have to have the proper storage for them for traveling.

One of my absolute favorite places to go to find proper storage and organizational pieces is The Container Store! OMG! Talk about an organized person’s dream store! It has everything you could possibly think of to help you organize everything from your home, car, travel, bathroom, etc…And if there isn’t a store in your city, you can go to their website A few years ago, I bought a few jewelry holder bags from there, which have been wonderful for travel. They’re super cool because you can hang them up, as they have hooks. (You can hang them on the back of your door, shower rod, anywhere:

When I’m packing, wine is always nearby
For this trip, I’ve decided to put all of my gold pieces in one bag, and the silver pieces in the other. This way, it will be easy to identify exactly what I need for each outfit. (And I know I’m bringing a lot of accessories. I mean, a girl’s gotta have options right?!)


And the icing on the cake for these fabulous bags, is that that they fold up nicely and can fit easily in your suitcase or carry-on:
So my jewelry is all packed up and ready to go. And I always put my jewelry in my carry-on bag, because in the event that my luggage gets lost or delayed (God forbid!), I can always have my fabulous accessories to keep me warm! 😉

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