Happy Weekend!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and have big, fun plans for the weekend! How’s everyone’s fitness challenge going? We’re at Day 15! Let’s see, so far I’ve been very diligent about pigging out on chips and dip every night, and I’ve majorly cut back on sweets. Now, I have to admit, I may make those calories up sometimes in what I drink. I.e., cocktails and such. I know I know that’s being somehwhat coutnerproductive, but hey, I have to live a little right? Plus my excuse is that I’m raising two toddlers. You’d want a cocktail every now and then too. Lol!

Fitness wise I’ve slacked a bit on my at home workouts, while still continuing my runs around the neighborhood and beyond. Soon I’ll go try on my skinniest of skinny jeans that I own and see how they fit. (This helps me guage whether I’ve gained or lost weight. I don’t always have a scale handy. Don’t judge lol.)
Speaking of runs around the neighborhood, event though I have headphones on with my pandora playing in my ears, my mind often wanders as a I jog past houses and down busy streets. And my thoughts are very random and go something like this:

-“Somebody is frying chicken. I smell it.”
-“OMG I hear a dog barking. I hope it’s behind a gate! What if the dog gets out? I’m gonna jump on that car if it runs toward me. If it bit me would that be grounds to sue? Americans love to file lawsuits…”
-“I should have been wearing sunglasses from the start! Why did I wait so long to wear them when I jog?!” (Because of LASIK, I wear the sunglasses they gave me everytime I jog now)
-“I wonder if the kids will be napping when I get back to the house.”
-“I wonder if Ze used the potty while I’ve been gone. She sure can hold it for a long time.”
-“Awww look at the older couple walking together and holding hands! How sweet! I wonder if Chris would walk around the neighborhood and hold my hand when we get old? But the last thing Chris would probably want to do as an old man is walk around the neighborhood.”
-“Oooh I smell laundry detergent.”
-“My legs feel so heavy today.”
“-How am I this tired already and I just started.”
-“I totally forgot to get bread when I went to the grocery store yesterday. Ugh!”
-“I should have worn some different shorts. These are riding up the back.”
-“It’s way too many bugs out today! I should have run earlier.”
-“I have to call the pediatrician back when I get home.”
-“Those shoes I saw earlier today were so pretty! Where would I wear them though? You never need a reason to buy new shoes though…”
-“Oooh I like the way that house looks. Has great curb appeal. (Thanks HGTV)”

So yeah, that’s kinda how my mind wanders while I go for my runs. And this goes on while the music is still playing in my ears. But hey, I’m a multitasking mom. I have random thoughts, plan a grocery list, listen to music and run all at the same time. Yep. I’m kind of like superwoman or something. (But really, aren’t all mothers? 😉

Have a fab and ravenous weekend!

Me sporting my LASIK shades while I run lol

2 replies to “Happy Weekend!

  1. My mind does that when I cook, watch tv, take a shower, drive my car, when someone is talking to me, when I am talking to someone, when I am on the phone, on the computer and on and on and on. LOL


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