We’re at Day 10 of the Fitness Challenge!

Hey Fabbies! So we’re at the close of Day 10 of my 30 day Fitness Challenge. If could grade myself on how well I did with eating right, working out, and cutting back on junk, I’d give myself a solid B+. I’ve worked out very consistently, however, I didn’t do as many 2-a-days as I would have liked, simply becauase I was way to freaking busy that particular day. I will say, though, that I’ve continued to be diligent about passing on the chips and dip every night. (But mannnnn it’s been soooo hard!!) But I did allow myself a cheat day this past Sunday to eat whatever the hell I wanted, thank you very much.

The biggest challenge of this 30 Day Fitness has been to consistently do my at home workouts. I will say, that I’ll find the oddest times to do squats, with my favorite being, while the kids are in the bathtub. So they’ll be sitting there playing in the tub (and occasionally trying to drink the bath water, eww), I’ll stand in front of them doing squats. I always have my Pandora radio station playing whenever I give them baths, so I’ll put it on an upbeat station and just squat away! Killing 2 birds with one stone! I typically will do 3 sets of 15.

Another workout I do at home is done with a medicine ball, which is a weighted ball that can be used to do so many workouts! The one that I have, (okay it belongs to Chris, but you can get them at your local sporting good store like Dickeys, or www.amazon.com (one of my all-time favorite places to online shop, might I add). The weighted ball we have is 10 pounds, and I use it to do abs. Here’s a video showing you other exercise that you can do with the medicine ball: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1bL1YEvWyY.

And here are some photos of me from today and yesterday’s run:


Post Run!
About to do my medicine ball workouts!



I had just gotten back from running errands. Hence the lipstick lol
Beating the sunset!


10 days down, 20 more to go! Go get it! 😉

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