My Weekend In Food!

So I’m approaching one full week of my 30 day fitness challenge. (I started it a week ago from tomorrow.) Since I’ve started this fitness challenge, it has made me so much more mindful of the things that I eat everyday. I tend to think twice now before going in my pantry to look for a snack. And! I can proudly say that I have not had chips and dip this whole week!!! Let me tell ya’ll something. That is HUGE for me!!! Now, I didn’t say that I’ve eaten just superbly either though. I’ve still had my fair share of cheese and spicy mayonnaise on my egg sandwiches during breakfast, but I’m improving! One day at at time people.

For this blog post, I’ve decided to highlight some of my favorite dishes that I indulged in over the weekend.
Friday, I met my friend Ordene for lunch with the kids at a seafood restaurant called Fish City Grill in just right outside of Dallas in Irving, Texas. We opted to sit outside as it was a a nice, windy day, plus the kids could run around and enjoy the breeze as well. I’ve noticed that when I eat out, I tend to order lots of appetizers for my meal, as I can never decide on one thing. This time was no different. After perusing the menu for what seemed like forever, I finally decided on Oyster Nachos. (Have you even heard of such a thing?! Well let me tell you, it exists, and if you love oysters like I do, it’ll make you want to faint it was so good!)

I know they may not look like your typical nachos, but they are much healthier this way! It consists of fried oyster, chipotle tartar sauce, and fresh pico de gallo all served on a tortilla chip. I mean, just orgasmic!
I also ordered what’s called Mexican Shrimp cocktail, which has shrimp, tomatoes, avocado (my new favorite addendum on any food), onions, and spicy cocktail sauce:
I even had a side of fresh seasoned broccoli! Fitness Challenge on my mind!
Of course we ordered an afternoon cocktail or two while we there as well. Margarita, long island (hey, don’t judge!  When you have small kids they drive you to drink. Hehe just kidding.), and a strawberry whiskey drink recommended by our waiter:


Fish City Grill was simply awesome. They have several locations, and if there is one near you, please go and have lunch or dinner! One of my new favorites!
As I mentioned, Saturday I went to a Sip and Shop event, so later that evening for dinner, my family got Maggianos for dinner. (We typically eat out as a family every weekend for dinner. This day though,   we got it to-go. Sometimes eating in sweats is just as fun as eating in a cute outfit and some heels). For dinner I ordered stuffed mushrooms as my appetizer.  The stuffed mushrooms are mushrooms caps with spinach topped with breadcrumbs and served in a garlic white wine sauce. Deelish!
To finish off dinner, I had the Linguine di Mare pasta, which consisted of lobster, shrimp, mussels, clams and spicy lobster tomato broth. The mussels and clams came fresh in their shells, so that made it take just a little longer to eat, but let me tell you, it was well worth the effort!
Just writing this post makes me hungry all over again. So onward and upward to running this food off and having a great week of workouts! Day 7 of my fitness challenge starts tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “My Weekend In Food!

  1. You're doing great! Reducing your chips and dip! Omg I love chips and salsa especially so I know that's hard. Jason and I have cut out the red meat for the past month or so and that's already showing on me which is great. We're incorporating more fish and shrimp in our diet (which we love anyway) and drinking more water 🙂 I've been doing small workouts at home. I must get to the gym or running outside soon, as you say, one day at a time 🙂 Keep up the good work!


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