Sip And Shop Event Today! (Oh, and Day 5 of Fitness Challenge)

Happy Weekend!  How is everyone’s fitness journey going? Days 3 and 4 were good fitness wise, but boy I had some mouth-watering food over the weekend! The food was SO tasty, it deserves its own post! So in a day or so, I’ll take you guys on my food journey from the past weekend. 🙂

Anyway, fast forward to today, (Day 5), and I started my day per usual: Breakfast with the kiddies, play, lunch, kids nap, I go for a run. On today’s run, I extended my distance by about half a mile, as I was feeling very energetic. After my run, I came home, showered, and got ready to attend a fabulous event! My friend Joy (who is a fellow fashionista herself!) told me about a Sip and Shop that Pink Pumps Boutique was hosting, so I jumped at the opportunity to go shop and have wine?! Is that heaven?

For the event (which I’ll tell you about shortly,) I chose to wear a knitted white skater dress, complete with gold accessories and my new favorite Aminah Abdul Jalillil’s bow pumps!

And headed downtown:

The event was A “Sip and Shop Launch Party”for Pink Pumps Boutique! The event was held at Times Ten Cellars, which is a fabulous winery held in downtown Dallas. They host wine tastings daily, and can also be booked for events as well. The event was held in the afternoon, where Danyell Wells,   displayed an array of merchandise from her boutique, for customers to purchase. (Side note, I also went to high school with Danyell! Shout out to Murrah High!)
A fashion show was also held, where her customers and attendees would be able to see even more garments on models that would be available to purchase. I ended up buying a super cute floral print kimono, that I will post as soon as I wear it. (But you can checkout lots more of her merchandise at The event included complimentary wine and Hors d’oeurves, a raffle to wine fab prizes such as jewelry, shoes, and personal makeup lessons, and a nice crowd to mix and mingle and network, all while getting a chance to shop. Danyell also provided all of her guests with cupcakes and  fabulous gift bags. I truly enjoyed myself, and am glad to have gone:


Cupcakes and party favors




Joy and I. (How cute is her jumpsuit?!)


Me with Danyell Wells, the owner of Pink Pumps Boutique!




Glittered Out Wine Glass (with goodies inside) as the party favor!

Such fab and ravenous day at a fab and ravenous event!

I live a little ways from downtown Dallas, so for the ride home, I kicked off my heels and into my flip flops for a comfy ride home. 🙂



Enjoy the rest of your weekend fabbies!

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