30 Day Fitness Challenge!

Happy Monday and all that good stuff! I would recap my weekend like I do typically, but I’m way too excited to share this fitness journey I’m about to embark on. Okay so as you all know, I love to run. Running keeps me in decent shape, plus I actually enjoy it, so it’s not really a “challenge” for me so to speak. So I had a light bulb the other night and was like “I should really push myself with working out. Like really push myself.” What’s the worst that can happen? I get finer?! Lol!
So I decided to create a 30 Day Fitness Challenge. During this next 30 days, I will vow to eat the healthiest I’ve ever eaten. Well I know many of you are thinking “You don’t eat meat! You already eat healthy!” Well um, yeah. I still eat junk. And lots of it. I LOVE my sweets and sugar, and I LOVE my chips and dip. I mean, I indulge in the stuff almost daily. Just today I finished off the last of the red velvet cupcakes that our chef made for us. So yes, for the next 30 days, I will be more disciplined. Now, that doesn’t mean I’m cutting out ALL sweets and those yummy chips and dip, but I’ll let myself have a full day (probably Sundays), where I can eat like the old me lol.

I also want to up the ante with the fitness. Monday through Friday, I plan to run each and every day. And on every other day, I plan to do two-a-days! Meaning, run twice that day! I also am going to do at home toning workouts such as squats, lunges, ab workouts, and the like. I say at home, because duh! I’m a stay at home mom! (But if you’re a member of a gym then by all means get there!) I wrote this post so that it can hold me accountable on this journey, knowing that I put it writing and all.

Now who’s with me?! I’m not asking you to do a two-a-days or kill yourself trying to get/stay in shape, but this challenge is all about you pushing yourself to the ultimate limit with discipline and drive. So whether that be losing inches, losing pounds, getting more tone, go for it! What do you have to lose?! (No pun intended, hehe.) It’s not about fitting into a sexy dress or a particular event for me, but more about challenging myself. Period. When was the last time you challenged yourself?? For me, it’s been a long time. So that time is NOW! My goal is to document my journey every single day with blog posts, including what I’ve eaten and what workouts I’ve done. So for me, that starts tomorrow! Eeek! But I’m more than ready!!
Are you? 🙂

So to get you all motivated, here’s a picture of me post-run from last week, all happy and endorphin-filled and tanned! Now let’s get ready to work!!


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