What I’m Loving These Days, Part 2

Hey Yall! The kids are sleeping, the toys are picked up, so it’s time to blog! (And the cocktail is poured. But at this point I think all my readers know that goes without saying. Hehe 😉
As I mentioned in an earlier post a month back or so (http://www.fabandravenous.com/2014/06/what-im-loving-these-days.html), there are things that I fall in love with and just have to share! One of my favorite things these days are palazzo pants. These pants are typicallly loose-fitting, wide leg pants that are super comfy, and super long. They come in all types of material, and range from basic colors such as black or grey, but they also come in an array of fun prints as well.

Another neat thing about palazzo pants that I love, is that you can dress them up or down. If you need to run quick errands, you can thrown on a pair with flat sandals. If you feel like dressing up a bit, you could then pair them with some heels and look instant chic. Below I’ve shown you two different ways that I wore some fabulous palazzo pants:


Paired with booties going to a Bobcat game a few months ago.



Headed to get a mani/pedi a few weeks ago



The material for these palazzo pants tend to be somewhat thinner, so they are perfect for the summertime as well. I have quite a few pair of these pants, as seen below:
You can find these pants at almost anywhere, including department stores, Target (oh they have everything in case you didn’t know),  and more and likely at any of your favorite boutiques and stores that you frequent. Yet another great thing about these fabulous, comfortable pants, is that they have an elastic waist band, so you can wear them when you may have gained weight (including if you become pregnant. Whoop! Instant maternity pants!), or even lost weight, as they stretch with you. These pants are loose and free-flowing, so no sucking in required!
Now go get some!

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