Weekend Recap!

Hey fabbies! Is everybody still enjoying their summer? The last few days were actually cooler outside! Because man! It was like 7 days straight before that of like, 3000 degree weather here! So because of the cooler weather, my friend Ordene decided to have a girls night right outside of her house, complete with candles lit, music playing, appetizers and drinks. Ordene is always an amazing host, and we had such an fabulous time, as the night was filled with good girl talk, laughter, and great food!

Ordene knows that I don’t eat meat anymore, so she made sure to include yummy treats that I could enjoy! As a matter of fact, there was no meat in sight! She has been on her own quest to try and eliminate meat from her diet as well. Whoop whoop! I think that’s awesome. Anyway, while I don’t eat meat of course, Lord knows that I love cheese, and well, there was plenty to go around:
There were fresh grapes, bread to go with goat cheese, fresh smoked salmon (OMG so good!!), fresh basil, a garlic and herb cheese dip, and some more yummy cheese! (Ordene what’s the name of that cheese again?!)
There was also homemade guacamole, tortilla chips, red wine, and jalapeno poppers. Yum!



Erin, Diamond, and Ordene and I
Such a great night on a perfect, cool evening!
The next evening, my sister Diamond and I decided to take the kids out to eat for a late lunch at the Olive Garden. While they had some new items on the menu (I had not been to Olive Garden in soooo long,), I stuck to my usual, which was the create a sampler: Stuffed mushrooms, fried zucchini, and calamari. I ordered a girly martini (I say girly because aren’t they all? And it was pink. I can’t remember what kind, BUT I I will say it had a little kick to it:
And for dinner I opted to wear some super comfy denim overalls, coupled with my silver Nike Sky Hi wedge sneakers, and a grey scoop neck tee:



And Ze and Vito kept it comfy and casual as well hehe:



The rest of my weekend was spent doing such exciting things as laundry, jogging around my neighborhood, and blowing bubbles for the kids. (Sidenote: They ask me every. single. morning. if we can blow bubbles. I’m like, I still have sleep in my eyes! I’m barely awake and ya’ll are really wanting to blow bubbles at 7:45 AM?! They respond with: BUBBLES! BUBBLES! BUBBLES! Guess they don’t care that I would really rather not blow bubbles first thing in the morning. One day I’m going to explain to them that the bubble fairy came while they were sleeping and took the bubbles away forever. Or maybe I’ll just get a bubble machine. I think the latter is a little less mean huh? lol!)
Anyway, I hope you guys had a fab and ravenous weekend! xoxo

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