The Craziest Last 24 Hours Ever!

Hey all! Let me just tell yall how crazy the last 24 hours have been. Okay so last night my sister and I, Diamond decided to take a trip to my sanctuary, I mean, Target, just to grab a few things. So we’re walking around the store in a state of euphoria, and then we get ready to check out. Target closes at 11pm where I live, and we checkout at around 10:30 pm. So I get my wallet out and immediately see that my debit card is nowhere to be found.

I’m like, “oh my God where is my card?!” I had switched purses before I left, but I always put my card in my wallet, so switching purses should not have mattered anyway. The purse I took with me was very small, because when I go to the store without the kiddies, I make sure to leave my huge satchel of a bag behind. So it didn’t take long to realize that my card was not in the vicinity. Luckily I live just 2 miles away from Target, (How lucky am I?) so I rush home, run in my house, and frantically look for my card. It’s still nowhere to be found and I am so dumbfounded as to where it could be. So I run in the bedroom where Chris was and told him that my card was missing, so he gives me his, and back I go to Target. Oh, and while all of this is going, on my gas light is on in my car. I figure, hey I’m 2 miles away from Target, I can get there and back and be fine. And I did. I was fine. I went back into Target, paid for the stuff, and Diamond and went home. After racking my brain, I realized exactly where my card was: I went to the pharmacy to pick up my birth control pills (is that too much information? Sorry. I mean what did you expect?! I have 2 kids under 2! You better believe I’m on birth control!) a few days ago, and the pharmacist put my card in the same bag as the pills, rather than give me my card back in my hand!! I mean, who does that?!
So I get home that day, take the pills out, then throw the bag away. With my debit card in there. (Sigh).

So my card was in the garbage with dirty diapers and old play doh, and long gone into the land of trashdom. So fast forward to this morning: I go to the bank to get a temporary card and cut off my old card. Keep in mind I’m still on E, and the gas light is on in my car. Luckily my bank is in the same shopping center as Target, so I didn’t have far to travel. So off to the bank I go, I get my new card, and  head to the gas station closet to my house. I pull into the parking lot of the gas station, and all of sudden…my car dies. I ran out of gas. In the parking lot of a gas station. I was just 100 feet away from the freaking gas pumps!! (Double Sigh).
So I walk across the parking lot and into the gas station, where the nice man gives me a gas can to fill my car with just enough gas to get me to the dang pump that’s 100 feet away. I pour the gas in my car, it cranks up, and I pull in to the pump to put gas in my car. I mean, just…why? I’m generally a responsible person! I promise! So all of this happening within 12 hours of each other is insane to me! Maybe it’s God’s way of saying “Raven. You need to get a handle on your Target addiction. And Raven, you need to NOT drive around when the gas light comes on.” (But seriously, who likes stopping to put gas in their car? Such a nuisance.)

I hope all of you out there can learn something from me by reading this: Stay away from Target. And put gas in your car from time to time.

And here’s a random picture of me today, post chaos, with my first born who was refusing to nap. Even in the midst of a crazy day, coming home to my babies makes me forget that there was in even chaos in the first place! 🙂



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