20 Facts About Me!

Okay so I’ve gotten tagged a few times on Instagram to do the “20 Facts”. Now, Instagram is a picture sharing site, so I hesitated to actually write out 20 facts about me because it would have been long and and drawn out, and I mean, who wants to read all that on Instgram?! (By the way, my Instagram name is Raven Rogers, if you’re interested.)

So anyway, I decided to write out the 20 facts on my blog, because this site is designed for people to actually read and look at pictures, so what better place to post them right?!

1. I have 2 kids whom I love more than life itself. I love them way more than I love shoes and wine. (Okay so maybe this was a bit obvious. Sorry. It’s a fact though.)
2. When I was young. Like, 3 years old young, I was extremely shy. Now you can’t get me to shut up. Go figure.
3. When I was in kindergarden, a fireman came to talk to my class, and he went around the room and asked each one of us what we wanted to be when we grew up. My response? A cheerleader. Are you effing kidding me?! Of all the great professions in the world to be, I said I wanted to be a cheerleader. I think in reality, I got nervous and just said the first thing that came to my mind.
4. When I’m driving, whether it’s alone or with the kids, I almost always take a selfie. How vain is that right? “Oooh, I’m driving to Target! Let me take a picture of myself doing so!” Sometimes I include the kids in my selfies, but half the time they’re looking out the window yelling out everything that we drive by, so there’s that.
5. I’m getting married in September. We’ve decided that since our summer is crazy and busy, we’re just gonna do a small intimate ceremony on an island with just the kids and our parents. I’m majorly excited though to be marrying the love of my life. 🙂 Maybe we’ll do a big reception next summer. I mean, my friends need to enjoy the greatness that is an open bar.

6. I’ve considered chopping my hair off every single month. Then I get anxiety when I think about the fact that I can’t wear a high bun, so I reconsider.
7. I’m LOVING my new hair color. It just feels so much healthier when it’s darker. The blonde was fun, but the black is where it’s at!
8. I actually enjoy grocery shopping. The Kroger that I frequent sells furniture. Yep, a grocery store that has furniture!! Like, couches, end tables, coffee tables, decorative items. The whole nine. So it’s fun to walk through there and look at their stuff. And they sell hair bows for kids in a random area of the store, but they are super cute and cheap. AND, they often have wine tastings in their wine section, complete with cheese or crackers during the day, and well, you know, I like my wine. 🙂
9. I’ve worn contacts since I was 15 years old, and I am SO over them. I don’t like to wear my glasses because my kids try and yank them off of my face, plus I’m just not use to wearing them because I played sports my whole life. So I’m thinking about getting LASIK surgery to give me perfect vision.
10. Speaking of sports, I’m a former collegiate basketball player. Meaning, I pretty much can beat anyone who’s reading this post 1-on-1. Hehe

11. I’m writing this post in my closet, sipping on wine. And I have a confession: Chris’ closet is cleaner than mine. Smh. But only because Ze comes and tries on my shoes and messes up my organization.
12. When I wear my hair down, I fluff it with my fingers 3,000 times a day to make it bigger.
13. Bigger is better.
14. More is more.
15. Those last 2 facts weren’t just my facts, but everybody in the world’s facts.

16. I’m having my bachelorette party in Vegas in August, and I’m so freaking excited. I plan to be on a 24 hour champagne diet. Oh, and what happens in Vegas, stays in…ehh no. What happens in Vegas will end up on Instagram and my blog. Lol!
17. When I do sit ups, (And I should totally be doing them often), I’ll stop halfway through and check to see if my stomach looks more defined or flatter.
18. While I LOVE to read, it’s been months since I’ve read a book, yet I have 3 new ones that have yet to be cracked open.
19. I sometimes marvel at the fact that I’m a mother, even two and a half years later. I mean, I often look at my kids and think, “wow! Chris and I made you guys!” It trips me out, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
20. Back in 2009, Facebook had a similar thing going on, where we had to list 25 facts about ourselves. Or maybe it was 15. Can’t remember. Anyway, the facts about me then versus now haven’t changed much at all, except now I’m a mom. As a matter of fact, the reason I’m in my closet blogging now is because I’m hiding from the kids! Lol! Otherwise, they’d be in here playing and tapping on my laptop and the whole post would look like this:

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my facts. I could easily write 100, but Instagram only asked for 20. So have a fab and ravenous night, and excuse me while I look through my closet and find clothes that I forgot I even had. (Seriously, when I was pregnant both times, I bought clothes to wear post-pregnancy. So there’s stuff I bought back in 2011 that I still have not worn. And Chris always notices when I wear something new: Him: “I’ve never seen you wear that before. That’s nice!” Me: It’s new, but it’s three years old.” That man notices everything!

Anyway, Cheers!

Blogging and drinking in my closet!


  1. 9. Go for LASIK! I wish I would have done it YEARS ago…it will be 4 years in November for me and my vision is still 20/20

    This is Nakia, btw, and every time I post on here I use Anonymous because Google seems to want my first born child in exchange for using my name in the post LOL


  2. Yes go for LASIK….u won't be sorry. I'll feed u champs while u recover.
    Yes chop yr hair off….I can so see u rocking a short pixie cut – it'll look FAB! and hair grows back so nice for a change.
    And girl, we need to go theo that closet together…lol, even just for fun:-)


  3. Once you go Lasik, you'll be able to see 20/20 pretty much in a couple hours or right away. I'm soooooooo Happy for you and my Bro-In-Law. You two are a beautiful couple and
    family. Welcoming My one and only Sister-In-
    Law 🙂 xoxox


  4. Lol! Heyyy Nakia! Thank you for reading my blog! And okay it sounds like LASIK is exactly what I need! I'm making an appointment for a consultation next week!


  5. I can always count on you to to provide the libations Ords! Lol! And I might chop it off one day! I just have to be ready!! Yes, we need to get this closet together fast!


  6. Awww thank you sister-in-law to be! And thank you for your continued support of this blog and of Chris's career! We both appreciate you! 🙂 And yep I've decided! I'm getting LASIK! You've all convinced me! Lol!


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