Dominican Flava!

The other afternoon, my mom and the kids and I went over to my brother-in-law, Frank’s mother’s house just to relax and chill with everyone. “Everyone”, meaning both my sisters, my nephew, Frank, and his younger brother. Frank and his mother, Mios, cooked dinner for everybody, and seriously, they should open up their own restaurant. They are from the Dominican Republic, and if you have never had authentic Dominican food, you are missing out!

But before we ate dinner, we let the kids run around outside for a bit before the rain hit:

Mios with Cisco and Vito
This is such a paparazzi shot lol
Oh hey Mama, kiddies, sissies, and nephew
After the kids ran around, everyone headed inside to relax and prepare for dinner. For dinner Frank and Mios cooked seasoned grilled shrimp with red and green peppers, mushrooms, and onions. They also prepared rice and beans (which totally is the best rice and beans combo I’ve ever had!), along with mixed veggies and a side salad with goat cheese and tomatoes and balsamic salad dressing.


Dig In!
Dig In Part 2!



Mini Cocktail! (How cute is this by the way)
After that amazing dinner the kids played a bit, (and for Vito, this meant “hmmm, let me see what I can pick up that’s not a toy, play with and possibly break. Thank goodness I was on his tail all evening to make sure he didn’t break anything.) We also had great conversation and I truly enjoyed myself. Speaking of conversation, Mios’ English is very limited, so she communicates primarily in Spanish. I love this, because it gives me a chance to dust off my Spanish skills. (I took 4 years of Spanish in high school so I can understand and speak it alright.)
Tamika helping Vito on the “horsie”
Cisco in the jumperoo!

As the evening winded down, Mios cut some music on and then began teaching us Dominican dances! I learned how to do the Bachata, Salsa, and the Merengue! The key to most of these dances is to move those hips honey!

Mios teaching Ze some dances





I had such a great time spending time with them, and am loving my new extended family! 🙂



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