Running Errands With 2 Small Kids

Prior to having children, whenever I had to run errands, I just grabbed my purse, keys, sunglasses and was out the door. Now that I have kids, I don’t leave the house quite that quickly. These days, I have to make sure I have diapers, wipes, sippy cups, extra change of clothes just in case one them has an accident, snacks (okay for both me and the kids lol), extra bows for Zé just in case she decides to take them off and throw them only God knows where, a cloth to clean up the car just in case the kids make a mess, and the kitchen sink. Well, it seems like if I’m taking all of that stuff with me I might as well take the kitchen sink too lol.

Once my bag is full of all the necessary goodies for the kids and me, it’s then time to run my errands. Errands include anything from doctor’s appointments, the grocery store, the mall, the pharmacy, and anywhere in between. Now, if I find a place that sells alot of different things that I need, AND has a shopping cart that accomodate more than kid, a la Super Target, then I’m in heaven! See, there’s another reason that I love Target. They have kid-friendly shopping carts! 


I’m at the point now, that when I pull up to Target, I’m looking for the cart that has the 2 seater attachment on it. Um, best thing ever! Strap em in and let’s shop! (I think Vito’s first word might have been “Target” now that I think about it. Just kidding.
Another favorite store of mine that caters to the parent with more than kid is Costco. Lord Jesus thank goodness for Costco. Let me just say, first of all you can go to Costco on an empty stomach, but you’ll leave out of there full! They have people giving out food samples every corner of the store! Seriously, so much good stuff. The kids and I love it! AND, they have larger grocery carts that have a openings for two kids to sit up front:




Zé and Vito were a bit younger in these pics, but they both still can fit comfortably in these carts and still very much enjoy the free samples at Costco. (Plus they have sell cute pajamas for babies and toddlers for cheap, among other things! It’s just such a fun store, plus you can save money in the long run by buying in bulk on your everyday staples like toilet paper, paper towels, tissue, etc.) The membership for Costco is $55 for the entire year.

When Vito was still an infant I would just sit his carseat in the big part of the cart and put in Zé the front. And he almost always slept for the entire shopping trip out lol. (Such a guy, was bored to tears with shopping already).

And before Vito was born, I would sit Zé in the front of the cart, and we’d be on our way:




Vito was in my belly in those pics above with Zé. (And p.s., let’s not discuss why I take pictures of them while they’re in shopping carts. Do other moms do this? I mean, I like to take pictures! Haven’t ya’ll noticed!?!)

These days shopping and errand running may take a tad bit longer than before I had kids, because now I have to hand them snacks and their sippy cups, keep them from grabbing things off of the shelf if they get too close, and pick up the aforementioned sippy cups and snacks that they’ve dropped on the ground. So to all of you who don’t have kids yet, or have one kid with another on the way, know that the more times you go out to run errands with your kid(s), the easier it gets! Of course it won’t be the same as when you were kid free, but it does become second nature. Just pack your bag with everything but the kitchen sink and you’ll be fine. 😉

5 replies to “Running Errands With 2 Small Kids

  1. The double seat carts are the best! Especially when both kids can sit up there and you dont have to have one in the seat and one in the baby carrier.

    We don't have a Costco here, but we have Sam's and they give the free samples, too. Girl, everyone gets so hyped on Sam's days, like,”Ooh! I wonder what we're going to try today!” What can I say? It's the joy in the little things 😉


  2. Yes we have a Sams membership and one day I'll try Costco, I heard it's good too. My favorites are Sam's, Target, Trader Joes and Any health store / market. Oh and lastly but not least Wal-Mart because I can get quick stuff like diapers, baby essentials and socks 🙂 Because my house eats socks so I have to buy them quarterly 🙂


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