The Pool + Family = A Good Time!

Has anybody noticed that it’s been kinda hot outside the last several weeks? Well that’s pretty obvious, epseically if you live in the South. My mom is in town for a little over a week, so we decided to spend our Friday trying to cool off in our pool. My two sisters live in Dallas as well, so they came over, along with my sweet nephew Cisco who is 9 months old. Yesterday turned out to be such a relaxing, fabulous day, as we laid out and worked on our tans, swam for a bit, and after the kids napped, let them splash around for a bit as well. 

Diamond, who used to be a bartender, made all of us fruity cocktails to complete the day of fun in the sun. (Don’t be alarmed, the kids didn’t consume any alcohol. They have to wait until they’re at least 30 to do that.)
Of course I love to take pictures, so I’ve shared some photos of our day at the pool below. Enjoy!


Ze feeding Cisco.






My mom with her grandsons


Diamond floating


Hey Cisco!






Tamika just had a baby 9 months ago and looks fabulous!


A little drinking and dancing never hurt anyone lol



Diamond’s shape is everything!


Vito always falls asleep at the pool



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