How I Spent My Weekend

I hope everyone had a relaxing, productive weekend! I’m gonna try to blog for the next three days straight because I’m going out of town on Wednesday and probably won’t have much time to blog. I’m gonna try, but I’m not making any promises!

Friday I had a chance to hang out with my family! I have 2 sisters that live here in Dallas, and they came over to my house, along with my nephew and my brother-in-law. They hung out in the pool for a while, and we also ate and drank. It’s always a good time when they come over!

On Saturday I went for a run around my neighborhood, and it was seriously one of the hottest day ever.  Or at least it felt like it. Good news for me though, is that I got a chance to get sun-kissed and darken my tan:

After my run, I showered and relaxed for awhile, before getting myself and the kids ready to head out to dinner at Pappadeaux’s. I decided to wear a crop top and high waisted, floral printed shorts, along with nude strappy wedges:


Vito was probably growling because the food hadn’t come yet.


Zé was perfecting her coloring:



One of my favorite things to do is when I go out to eat is to try a new cocktail. However, for some reason I didn’t do that this time. I just stuck to what I know, which is a Top Shelf Margarita. 🙂
(If you look really hard you can see Chris’ gold chain in the picture, as he was sitting across from me. Sorry babe, but this picture was all about the drank! lol)

I ordered fried oysters, which came with french fries. I love to drown my oysters in hot sauce. It was so much food though, so I boxed it up and ate the remainder of it today.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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