Maxi Dress So Long I Had to Blog About it!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Friday! We’ll let’s get right down to it. If you read the title of this post then you know I’m about to talk about a maxi dress. A maxi dress is a dress that is long in length, and typically goes down to your ankles, or even to your feet. I prefer the kind that go past your feet, but rarely have luck finding this, as I am 5’11”.

Well honey let me tell you, I went to one of my favorite stores about a month ago (Target), and happened to walk past the cutest maxi dress. Mind you, I was inTarget to buy diapers and wipes, but somehow managed to end up spending about $143.68. How did that even happen?! (And let’s not mention how often I even go to Target. That’s a topic for another day!) But I digress. This dress was on a tall rack, and swept the ground. Here are a few thoughts that entered my mind:
“Is that dress about to fall off the hanger?? Why is it touching the floor?”
“I shouldn’t even be over here in this section.”
“What did I come in Target for today anyway?”
“Do I smell poop? Vito did you poop?!?”
“OMG this dress is so freaking cute!”
“I already have enough maxi dresses though.”
“But this one is sooooo long!”
“I don’t feel like trying anything on either.”
“Aww hell it’s only $29.99. I have to get it!”
So I get the dress, drive home, and eventually try it on. Eventually meaning a few days later because I forget I even bought the damn dress.
But ohhhh when I did!

Well, I fell in love, and I finally wore it today:






As you can see, the dress drags the floor. Not only does it come to the ground, theres enough material where it almost has a train! Okay not a train in the literal sense, but it gathers at the feet. This dress is just…everything! And for the price you can’t beat it! So Fab!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


  1. Okay so the moral of this story was Vito was ignored because of this dress? So he asked Ze' where is GiGi. I get it. I need to come and see about my 3 poo poo's. LOL


  2. As a 6ft tall woman, I totally understand the excitement! I got a dress from MANGO that drags like that and I screamed when I tried it on! Lol


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