Can We Just Take a Minute?

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone has enjoyed this glorious day! Anyway, I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I was getting settled and unpacking. Well while I was putting away shoes and clothes in my closet, I had to stop for a minute and admire the beauty of my new high heel shoes. They are some fabulous pink, suede high heel shoes with a large bow on the side. (I am totally obsessed with bows. If you’ve seen pictures of my daughter, you will notice that she ALWAYS has a bow in her hair. It’s necessary. Trust me.)
Anyway, the designer’s name is Aminah Abdul Jillil, and she is actually a professional dancer! I stumbled across these fabulous shoes will perusing a fashion blog, It was immediately love at first sight. Abdul Jillil was a featured designer on that fashion blog (which I absolutely love reading, by the way).  Here is a link to her website:
These shoes come in 7 colors, and I’m trying convince myself that I don’t need them in every color. Or maybe I do.





Not only are they fab, but they are also very comfortable! Once I wear them out I’ll have to let you guys know if they can be worn for hours without my feet hurting at the end of the night. (Even if they do hurt my feet, these shoes seem well worth the pain!)
I do not need them in every color, I do not need them in every color, I do not need…

P.S. I just visited Aminah’s site, and I see that she’s added more flat sandals to her collection. (Sigh). I might as well just give her my checkbook! Sheesh! So, so fab.

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